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Friday, June 29, 2012

Chicago recieved 1.58 millinoin from NATO on WED and the funds have been allocated in places then the resources it used

Daley spoke with the editor's of the Sarge. Daley stated " As Mayor I was not going to say to the POTUS but after his party in Grant Park and nothing financially recovered from him or his party for police, street cleaning and riot control. So if I was still in office when he came with the NATO I would have said NO and if you want it that bad then come up with the funds first or you can hold it at Camp David".

This Mayor promised big funding and promised a better economy if we held NATO. UM a month has passed what did you do with the funds tight wide. We know it went in yours and Obama's pockets instead of allocating it to the city so again tax payers paid for shit and not getting our money back and your still crying broke hmmmmmmmmm INVESTIGATE and IMPEACH or RECALL

Policing the NATO summit last month racked up about $15 million in overtime for Chicago Police officers, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration said Friday as it released documents seeking reimbursement for the costs from the federal government and the summit host committee.

The city sent letters dated June 29 to multiple government agencies asking for the release of funds earmarked for the city’s NATO costs. That includes $7.5 million designated by Congress when the NATO summit received National Special Security Event status, as well as another nearly $4 million in federal grant funds.

In the preparations for NATO, Emanuel had tasked his business development group, World Business Chicago, with leading the planning and fundraising efforts for the summit. The group raised about $33 million in private funds, pledging about $19 million of that to defraying any city costs not covered by the federal government. However, Friday’s requests from the host committee totaled just $1.9 million.

Emanuel’s spokeswoman, Sarah Hamilton, said that the current tally for police overtime costs associated with NATO was $14.6 million, but there could be some minimal further expenses straggling in over the next month.

“It's possible there could be some additional hours that were unaccounted for in the first round (not huge numbers), but this is the overwhelming majority,” Hamilton wrote in an email Friday.

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