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Monday, June 25, 2012

Harris Bank La Grange and the La Grange National Bank robbed by the Italian Orginized crime group called the Chicago outfit

The three men that robbed the First National Bank of La Grange are affiliated with the Chicago outfit
Joseph "Jerry" Scalise, 73, of Clarendon Hills; Robert "Bobby" Pullia, 69, of Plainfield; and Arthur "Art" Rachel, 71, of Chicago were charged with attempt and conspiracy to commit armed robbery in a 58-page criminal complaint filed Friday in the U.S. District Court in Chicago.
Judge Nan R. Nolan ordered the men held.
The three men have been the focus of a joint investigation between FBI and La Grange police since July 2007, when the men were suspected of robbing the Harris Bank branch at 1000 S La Grange Rd in July 2007. Approximately $120,000 was reported taken in that incident.
Using electronic surveillance, law enforcement officials this past December learned of plans to rob the First National Bank of La Grange at 620 W Burlington Ave. The suspects were observed on several occasions in the vicinity of the bank, most notably on Thursdays when an armored car routinely arrived at the bank to pick up substantial amounts of cash, police said.
All three men have extensive criminal records and ties to organized crime. In fact, they were arrested Thursday while attempting to break into the home of a deceased mob boss, Angelo "The Hook" LaPietra, who resided in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood.
Scalise and Rachel achieved notoriety in 1980 when they robbed a jeweler in London, England, of $3.6 million in valuables, including the 45-carat Marlborough Diamond. Following their arrest upon arriving at O'Hare airport, the duo was extradited back to London, where they were subsequently convicted and served 12 years in prison.

The three are now looking at charges of income tax invasion, conspericy to with hold earning, illegal gambling with out a license, and murder. U.S. District Court Attorney stated in a press release Friday that more charges are pending.

Cook County Judge at Bridgeview court found murder fit to stand trial

John L. Wilson Jr., the man charged with murdering 14-year-old Lyons Township High School freshman Kelli O’Laughlin, was found fit to stand trial today based on a report conducted by Cook County Forensic Clinical Services that claimed Wilson can be “lying and manipulative” and showed no psychotic symptoms.
The report, conducted by Drs. Susan Messina and Peter Lourgos, said although Wilson allegedly claimed to hear voices, his descriptions were inconsistent and vague and “not convincing nor credible” as “he has done similarly in the past.”
While the report did indicate that Wilson showed anti-social behavior, it also said he does not suffer from mental illness and has a clear understanding of what’s occurring and even stated that Wilson has authored his own legal documents in the past.
The report was made after Messina and Lourgos individually went over extensive documentation of Wilson, including psychological summaries made in previous cases, grand jury proceedings, investigative summaries, as well as interviews with Wilson.
Included in the report were statements made by Wilson’s previous attorney in an unrelated 2003 case who said, “I don’t have any doubt he’s fit.”
Wilson would, according to the report, “do crazy stuff” to get out of his cell, including shove his own feces under the door because of lack of attention. The report also stated that Wilson “is impulsive and without insight.”
However, the report also indicated that he liked to make use of the legal library, including on Nov. 5 when his request to use the library was denied, resulting in the alleged feces-shoving incident.
After the report was read aloud in court, Associate Judge John Hynes asked Wilson if he understood, to which he replied, “yes.”
Hynes then asked Wilson if he’d like to retain the services of his attorney, John Paul Carroll, who was defending Wilson for free.
Wilson said, “no.” Instead, he said he’d like to represent himself.
Hynes strongly advised against Wilson’s request, and reminded Wilson of the charges against him and the penalties, including a minimum of 20 years with no possibility of parole and a maximum of life in prison for the first-degree murder charge alone.
“These are serious matters,” Hynes told Wilson. “I think you need to think hard and fast about this.”
In the meantime, Hynes has appointed the Cook County Public Defender’s Office on the case.
If Wilson continues to seek to represent himself, he will have to meet with Hynes in order to determine if he is competent to represent himself.
Former attorney Carroll wouldn’t speculate as to whether or not this was attempt to stall the court proceedings, but did say he was surprised with Wilson’s decision.
“I always think it’s scary for a person to not have an attorney,” Carroll said. “To me, it’s just insane.”

FBI WANTED 20 thou cash reward


no concept of sacred ground Albino monkey rips off church in La Grange and gets caught with the golden banana in his ass



La Grange, IL -
Police arrested a Naperville man after he allegedly stole money from donation boxes at the St. Francis Xavier Church on Monday.
Daniel Blubaugh, 31, of 1350 E. Ogden Ave., was arrested after two officers hid inside the church after church officials had contacted police when they noticed a recent pattern of Sunday donations coming up missing, according to police reports.
At 1:20 a.m., Blubaugh was observed entering the church and removing money from donation boxes, police said.
Blubaugh was charged with felony burglary to a place of worship, possession of burglary tools and resisting arrest.


Here is what your going to see when you break any law from now on we are taking our neighbor hoods back along with our public transportation.
I think it is time I ride the red line carrying my gun to ensure people can ride safely.

This is what your going to look like you fucking piece of shit
I am not the police, or a politician so under Illinois law I can not carry a firearm but I am going to so inocent people can ride safely between 95th Strret to the end of line. I dare you animal's to attack while i am on the red line cause I will send you home in a bag that I promise. In fact I ask all gun owner's to join me on the red line with your firearm this Saturday and ride all day from 95th street to the end of the line since the city wont higher more cops but they can authorize over time so if the city has money for over time then they have money to higher more cops and since they wont we will do it. If a cop sees your gun trust they will not arrest you because if they do you own their home and kids college fund and their pension along with you can sue the city state and county for violating your civil rights. I will have my two guns out an open where everyone can see them and I'll be on the red line all weekend long. Hey you fucking animals you better fear us cause unlike the police we will hurt you if you hurt an inocent person and you will be hung in the street so all you other animals can see we the lawabiding people are threw with you it is the old west in a modern day we have rope and guns you may not hang from a tree but you will hang from a light pole. This will ensure justice is served since the courts don't want to cage you and Quinn fucked over mental health.

Illinois Tax

Pat Quinn thinks that hiking up c smoking tax up by another dollar is going to get people to quit.
Hey Quinn wake the fuck up asshole your just going to give the tabbacco sale to another state or county since between you and Daley, and Emanual our state, city and county is the highest in the 48 states. Is this your way of prohibition it did not work in the 40 Al Capone and the Moran gangs made sure of that. You polotitions are just stupid fucks passing laws and tax with out the vote of the people and we allow cause as Americans we are stupid for not standing up to you. "We here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom; and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Abe Lincoln stated this so what happened by the people for the peolpe. The people run this country not you all your doing is pissing people like me off and we are prepaired to march in to your office's and throw you out on your ass but these tree loving and hugging liberal's who are blind and have their eyes closed and think what you are doing is for the good of the people are lieing to them selves. Obama lied to become president he is not an American and thats why I am voting for Romney I will also ask Congress to remove Obama from the books of the presidency since he is not american born. I will also vote for one of my followers who wants to take Quinn out of office.


Police officer cut by a glass wheeling animal

A Chicago police officer was cut by a shattered store window this morning as he tried to arrest a suspect in a stabbing in the Lakeview neighborhood on the North Side, authorities said.

Police were called to the 900 block of West Belmont Avenue at about 2:30 a.m. to check reports of a fight, officials said. Officers found a 31-year-old man lying on his back suffering from several lacerations, according to Police News Affairs Officer John Mirabel

Witnesses told officers the victim had been attacked by a man who was standing across the street, in front of a yogurt parlor, Mirabelli said. When the officers tried to question the man, he started struggling and fell through the shop's glass window, he said.

An officer suffered a severe cut to his right hand, Mirabelli said. But another officer was able to handcuff the suspect and take him into custody.

The victim was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center with lacerations, bruises and contusions, Mirabelli said. He was initially reported as stable.

The injured officer was also taken to Masonic with severe lacerations to his right hand. He was expected to see a specialist, Mirabelli said.

The suspect was taken to Weiss Memorial Hospital.