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Saturday, April 28, 2012

City of Chicago Animal Control round up 4 mokeys and 5 Apes that escaped from the 26th and Cali. Zoo guess County zoo keepers can not keep an eye on all these inmates

Police released booking photos of the following -- top row, from left: Jontae Adams, Derick Coopwood,Geonne Crew; bottom row, from left: Troy Harris, Michael Raggs, Jermaine Rose, Quentin Scott. (Chicago police)

Nine suspected gang members were arrested Saturday as Chicago police moved to shut down an open-air heroin market in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

First Deputy Superintendent Al Wysinger said residents’ complaints about violence at the intersection of Hamlin and Ohio streets prompted a two-month investigation of drug sales there, leading to the arrests, $6,700 in cash and several grams of heroin worth about $3,000 on the street.

It wasn’t an enormous haul as far as coordinated drug busts go. But what Wysinger said next illustrated the huge neighborhood uncertainties that sometimes accompany such police activity:

It will be up to the community to make sure the drug dealers don’t return.

“This is the community’s block,” Wysinger said as he stood at the intersection Saturday afternoon. “It does not belong to the gang bangers, the drug dealers. It’s theirs. We’ve taken it back and we’re going to turn it over to them.”

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has spoken in the past about the unintended problems sometimes caused by breaking up narcotics operations. Unless police maintain a presence at the location and social service agencies are brought in, violence may increase as a new crop of drug dealers fight for control, McCarthy has noted.

Wysinger pointed out another hard reality in high-crime neighborhoods: With limited resources, “we can’t be every place all the time.”

“You’re going to see a stepped-up police presence initially, but we’re going to wean it back and actually turn it over to the community,” Wysinger said, adding that police have warrants out for three other suspects.

Ald. Walter Burnett Jr., 27th, said the arrests are a good first step. But before residents feel confident enough to stand up to the gangs, they need assurances the police will stay on the case after the TV cameras leave, he said.

“People aren’t afraid if they know they’ve got back-up,” Burnett said

CCSD to be suited over inmate haning

I guess Tom "the pussy' Dart is going into court over a inmate who hung himself in his cell that had a mental disorder. The family says that he should have been in a phsyc ward not a jail. This suit has opened a federal investigation into the CCSD and the Corrections department for the conditions an inmates sit in. below are piece's of the complaint.
Jason X :I spent Hour`s and Hour`s, with people trying to steal my under garments, shoe , socks, eyeglasses. I went hours without any food are water, I was urinated on threatened to be raped, beat up, and many other discusting situations. My personal items when I was booked in were STOLEN, when I was handing over my cash and wallet I had Chinese currency on me from my business trip. The guard told me he wanted it to keep, and that I was not going to get it back anyway. I also had 300.00 in US currency that was never returned to me..
Crystal Z: In CCDOC you constantly are placed in holding cells, men like sardines packed in and women less crowded. They may be only one water fountain and it may not work. Try to drink as much water as possible before being taken to the holding tanks between the jail and courtroom. You may be there all day with little to drink except 8 oz of KookAid if the fountain doesn't work. If you are in an outlying courtroom you will be transported there between 7-9 a.m. and returned between 4 and 6 p.m. If you are at 26th and California criminal courtrooms you may spend less time in holding cells. The cells are dirty, not having been properly cleaned in decades with mold and inches of dust hanging down off the ventilation gratings. The toilets may not work and the it stinks and is in the basement in general. 555 Harrison is newer and has nicer holding cells with plexiglass and electronic doors as do most of the outlying courthouses. 26th and California main criminal felony court has disgusting and foul holding cells behind courtroom and between courthouse and jail. You go through two sets of holding cells to get from jail to behind courtroom holding cells. A few months ago due to the fact that I won a mandmus against the State and both a State agency and the feds are investigating abuse, torture, rape, medical neglect, etc. at the jail, the holding cells were suddenly cleaned and toilets and fountains fixed. They now smell like antiseptic and are much more less of a health risk and place where infections are spread. They have a major problem with the spread of staph infections so wash your hands with at least water but better with soap whenever possible

Along with these complaints there are other's stating that the CCDOC are not humane conditions and that the CCSD violate Civil Rights.

All matter's are currently under investigation

RAT is now operating as Chicago Auto Body based in Markham

This Company also stages and listens to a police scanner to know where a crash is so they can rip you off in the City of Chicago which is violatation of the City Ordenance

CHICAGO (CBS) — A notorious Chicago towing company is out of business, and is being ordered to give money back to some of its customers.
The punishment has taken years — and a long investigation – from CBS 2’s Pam Zekman.
The owners of Road America Towing in Blue Island and other towing companies they operated apparently did not produce records as ordered by a judge in a consumer-fraud complaint.
As a result, a default judgment orders them to pay $2.3 million dollars in penalties for intentionally defrauding accident victims.
“This is like modern-day highway robbery,” Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says. “It’s terrible to have these companies that are preying on people at a very vulnerable time.”
Like Edward Nance, who complained to CBS 2 in 2008 about a $2,000 bill full of inflated and fraudulent fees.
Now, the company is ordered to pay back more than $59,000 to some victims.
And the judgment bans the Al Hindi family that operates the companies from the accident towing business for five years.One of the companies that is owned by this family is Chicago Autobody And Towing Inc (708) 825-1105  3821 W 166th Pl Markham, IL 60428
An attorney for the towing companies says he is appealing the judgment.
He says his clients lost the records requested by the state’s attorney’s office and the county attorneys could have gotten the information from other sources. He also says his clients did not intentionally defraud any accident victims, and says any money they charged was justified

Congressman Rush Urging Metra to Hire Minorities for Project

Chicago - Congressman Bobby Rush is getting support in his effort to get a commuter rail agency to increase minority participation at a South Side Chicago construction project.

The project calls for the construction of a bridge over a rail yard to eliminate backups for 78 Metra trains, 14 Amtrak trains and 46 freight trains each day. The project is located in a largely black neighborhood with high unemployment.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, Gov. Pat Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Friday all said they supported the Chicago Democrat's push for minority participation, but not his threat to shut the project down.

Rush said the only black participation is a $110,000 security contract.

Metra spokesman Michael Gillis called Rush's concerns "a complex issue with many different perspective" that will be addressed.

Jessie Jackson and Trayvon Martin's Lawyer are trying to start a race war in North Chicago

North Chicago fired one police officer and suspended another today for their roles in the violent arrest of a man who died a week after he was taken into custody.

Officials immediately dismissed Officer Brandon Yost and suspended Officer Arthur Strong for 30 days without pay. Four other officers and one sergeant involved in the arrest who had been temporarily placed on desk duty were returned to regular duties without penalty.

The action comes in the case of Darrin "Dagwood" Hanna, 45, who was arrested Nov. 6 in his North Chicago apartment, where police said he slapped and tried to drown his pregnant girlfriend. He died in a hospital of multiple factors, according to the Lake County Coroner, including physical restraint and Taser shocks, as well as chronic cocaine abuse, hypertension, kidney disease and sickle cell disease.

His death prompted a public uproar, which led to an investigation by Illinois State Police. The Lake County State's Attorney's office concluded officers committed no crime, saying they acted "reasonably and appropriately" to subdue a large man police said rushed them with clenched fists yelling, "Shoot me."

Yost was fired for repeatedly punching Hanna in the face, which was unnecessary force, and for an unspecified falsification of reports on the incident, interim Chief James Jackson said. Strong's reported use of force, kneeling on the back of Hanna's legs, was considered acceptable, but he was disciplined for falsifying a report by indicating Hanna was swinging a flashlight.

Mayor Leon Rockingham Jr. and Jackson made the announcement at a news conference at North Chicago City Hall, where a crowd of protesters led by civil rights leader Jesse Jackson greeted the news angrily. People in the crowd yelled "cover up" and chanted, "murderers."

"These six officers should be fired and charged with murder," Jackson said.

TheU.S. Department of Justiceis conducting a preliminary inquiry into the case, which is a step short of a full investigation.

Fucking Crook County

Mothballed for a decade, the Joliet Correctional Center could be temporarily reopened to serve as a detention facility for those arrested for serious offenses during the May 20-21 NATO summit.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says his first choice was to use Division 3 at Cook County Jail before the once-empty division had to be filled with detainees over the last two months.

A less desirable alternative was to put up tents in the yard at Cook County Jail.

But, Dart said the solution that makes the most sense is Joliet, the hulk of a prison facility mothballed in 2002.

“They shut down Joliet prison. It’s sitting there empty. Could I turn the key and open it up? Does the water still work? Does the electricity work? If that’s a question, I might just look at the yard and whether to put up tents with some cots and utilize that setting at Joliet,” Dart said.


Sarge speeks on Zimmerman case

I have been following the Zimmerman case and I must say this is all bull shit.

This photo above on the left shows what the media wanted you to see when the photo on the right is Trayvon when he was killed and how unfortunet it was for a child to die but here are the key factors everyone is refusing to see. The first key factor is he was in a gated community why. The second is the media wanted everyone to focus on the fact this boy only had a Arizona Ice Tea and a bag of Skittles what about the fact he had a cell phone on him and never called 911. I don't know about you but if I was Trayvon I would have called 911 if somebody was following me. The other thing is this young man is in a gated residential area so why didn't he know on someone's door and asked them for help. The third thing is this kid punches Zimmerman in the face once Zimmerman went down if he was so affraid why didn't he run in the other direction again on the phone with 911. No none of these actions happened. This is what happened Zimmerman followed the suspect and called 911 at which time Trayvon has commited the offence of Criminal trespass to land. Then after Zimmerman hangs up and starts to walk away according to his statement to police. Zimmerman then felt he was being followed and turned around and thats when he was punched by Trayvon which commited the second offence of agrivated battery. Once Zimmerman went to the ground Trayvon jumped on top of Zimmerman slamming his Zimmerman's head into the ground repeatedly commited the third offence of attempted homicide. Then Trayvon then tried to disarm Zimmerman.  Leaving Zimmerman only one thing to do to gain control and shoot the kid to stop the threat. Then you have the following chain of events happening you end up with AL Sharpton making it in to a racial issue along with Jessie Jackson but then the Black Panther's and Congressman (IL R) Bobby Rush start doing well a pic is 1,000 words.
Congresman Rush (IL R)
Bobby Rush speaks out on behalf of the Panther's

Then he broke the rules of the house and Congress's by laws of a dress code

But what noone knows is that he to is a Black Panther

But here is something else the media does not inform you. The media does not tell you that Trayvon is a gang member and that he was suspended for 5 days for beating up a bus driver on the way to school. Hell they don't even tell you that this was his 5th school he was sent to.  But his parents want Justice. Justice for what.

Pic's of Trayvon

Pictured below are the Black Panther's with signs.

As seen above 1,000 dollar reward dead or alive really solicitating murder and the State of Florida does nothing while 7 men in Michigan arre serving a life sentance for solicition of murder so I guess if you want to solicitate murder go to Florida and stay out of Michigain.
So the Sarge says Kudos to the town hero George Zimmerman the animal deserved to die.

George Zimmerman's web site recieved 1/4 of a million

Last week, George Zimmerman's family told a Florida judge that they had very little money with which to help the alleged murderer make bond.

But as it turns out, Zimmerman had in fact raised more than $250,000 from supporters on a website and PayPal account he established. That new development, divulged by Zimmerman's attorney at a hearing Friday, could prompt Seminole County Circuit Judge Kenneth R. Lester Jr. to increase the $150,000 bond he set earlier -- though the judge said that he wanted to know more about who controls the money before ruling on the matter.

Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the February slaying of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager whom Zimmerman encountered one evening and considered to be suspicious. Zimmerman, 28, acknowledges that he shot the 17-year-old, but says he did so in self-defense.

At a court hearing Friday morning, O'Mara told the judge that he found out about the funds after last week's bond hearing. Zimmerman was released from jail less than 72 hours later.

"I think that you needed to be aware" of the money, said O'Mara; the attorney told CNN about the money the night before.

Florida prosecutors had originally asked Lester to deny bond, or set it at $1 million, arguing that Zimmerman has a violent past. On Friday, Assistant State Atty. Bernardo de la Rionda said that the new information represented a "change in circumstances," and asked the court to raise the bond amount.

"The family members represented that they had no money, when in truth they really did," he told the judge. "...I don't know if they did that intentionally, or what."

Lester instead instructed O'Mara to give him more details about the PayPal account so that he can decide what his options are under the law.

"Before I can make a decision concerning this, I need to see who had control over that account," the judge said. "I may not have jurisdiction to tell anybody to do anything, or else I may."

The divulging of the support fund was the latest in a string of actions by Zimmerman that have raised the ire of Martin's family. Benjamin Crump, the lawyer for Martin's parents, told the Associated Press before the hearing that they hoped bail would be revoked.

"This is a bombshell that was dropped," Crump told the news service, adding that the parents were "offended" that the court was not made aware of the fund earlier.

Zimmerman took the stand at last week's bond hearing and apologized to Martin's family. He did not, however, mention the fund.

O'Mara said that the family members, at the time of their testimony, "didn't believe that [the money] was fully available to them. But it was there."

O'Mara said that Zimmerman had already used roughly $50,000 of the money "for living expenses -- rent or whatever," and that the remaining $150,000 was now in a separate trust account under O'Mara's control.

He added that the website, and all other aspects of Zimmerman's Internet presence, have now been taken offline.

On Sunday, when Zimmerman's family members came up with the $15,000 -- 10% of the total bond amount -- needed to secure Zimmerman's release with a bail bond, they used $5,000 of the money raised on the website, O'Mara said.

The matter came up in a hearing originally called to discuss news organizations' desire that documents in the court case not be sealed.

Lester said that from now on, court filings would be public records, unless the party filing them requested otherwise. He would determine whether to seal such documents on a case-by-case basis, the judge added.

A Fellow Bloger gets booted from Face Book for posting a news article from another city

This is the article that this Blogsite posted now this is not right that the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman case sparked a racial divide by Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Congressman Bobby Rush. It is people like this that make the black community hate other races mainly the white race If Doctor King was here today he would say this is not the dream I had. " One day my 4 children would live a world were they will not be judged for the color of their skin but by the contant of their charactor" I can tell you this is not the content of a black man or women these is the actions of animals. People obey the laws of the land and tell government to go fuck them selves Animals kill and beat up and use racial bias to motivate them selves to be a criminal.

I say it is high time all American's White, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, and Red stand to gether and arm ourselves and go hunting; since our State Elected Lawyer's, Mayor's, Governor's, and federal and state legislature can stop all of this by charging these gang bangers and drug dealers as domestic terrorist; so we need to stand and start killing these animals. If more of them laid in the street bleeding out for everyone to see and in mass number's maybe our politician's or these animals will get the point and either charge them accordingly or have a nation wide riot that the police can not control on their hands witch can even insue an attack on our government to throw them out of office.

The RAW TRUTH as an American Sees it

A racially charged beating of a white Alabama man by a throng of African-Americans is not being investigated as a hate crime, despite one witness’ claim that she heard an assailant exclaim: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.”
Matthew Owens, of Mobile, Ala., was assaulted with baseball bats, paint cans and other weapons at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday after telling a group of children to stop playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive, according to Ashley Rains, public information officer for the Mobile Police Department.
After the children left the area, a group of adults armed with weapons returned and confronted Owens, 40, in his front yard, where he was assaulted. Owens’ sister, Ashley Parker, told WKRG she witnessed the attack and that there were as many as 20 assailants. Parker said she overheard one of them say, “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.”
Asked if the incident was being investigated as a hate crime, Rains replied: “No, it’s not. It’s being investigated as an assault.” Eugene A. Seidel, first assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, declined to comment on the case when reached by
“Our policy is not to comment one way or another about cases,” Seidel said when asked if his office has inquired about the incident. “All I can say is no comment.”
The incident occurred in a middle-class neighborhood in Mobile, on a street where residents have often been at odds with teens who block the roadway to play pickup basketball, WKRG reported. Owens has a criminal record that includes arrests for domestic assault, driving under the influence and public intoxication.
Trayvon Martin, 17, is the unarmed teenager who was fatally shot Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla. George Zimmerman, who has been charged with second-degree murder in Martin’s death, went into hiding Monday as he awaits trial. Emotions ran high as six weeks passed before Zimmerman was charged, leading many African-American community leaders to decry what they perceived as racism in the justice system.

“We have not been able to find any other witness that can back that statement up.”
- Ashley Rains, Mobile Police Department

Rains said Parker’s statement could not be independently corroborated as of Tuesday. Attempts to reach Parker — who reportedly characterized the assault as the “scariest thing” she ever witnessed — were unsuccessful.
“We have not been able to find any other witness that can back that statement up,” Rains told “It’s unknown right now if that was said.”
Owens, who regained consciousness early Tuesday, remains in serious condition at the University of South Alabama Medical Center, Rains said.
It remains unclear how many people participated in the assault, but Rains said it involved multiple assailants. The relationship — if any — between the children and the alleged perpetrators is also unclear, Rains said.
“We’ve spoken to the victim and we’re doing our best to put together a suspect list and identify any suspects that were in the assault,” she said.
Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Mobile Police Department at (251) 208-7211.

Chicago police vehicle damaged in hit-and-run accident

A Chicago police vehicle sustained minor damage Friday night after a sport utility vehicle struck it and fled, officials said.

The accident happened about 11:45 p.m. on the 1600 block of West Howard Street in the Rogers Park neighborhood on the Far North Side, police said.

fter striking the police vehicle, the SUV fled, police said.

No police officers were injured and the police vehicle sustained minor damage. No one was in custody, police said.