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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Uber update

As of January 17, 2016 Uber's support person Victoria has been helpful. However just like drivers who have interviewed with us, it is apparent that Uber just don't give a shit except themselves.

In a unrelated issue several drivers are planing to organize a strike and start a union. Driver's are up set that Uber doesn't listen to who they call a partner. We can see why as we don't work for Uber and we are treated the same way.

Facts we have found out and Uber refuses to acknowledge.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel gets kick backs from his brother who is a supporter of Uber.

Uber drivers filed a federal class action lawsuit against Uber for not allowing tipping and unfair wages.

Uber lost Seattle, Washington to Drivers forming a union.

Uber allows 3rd party riders not even the person who gets in your car that hailed you then they destroy your vehicle and Uber looks the other way

Uber's 3rd party rider gives 1 to 3 stars on purpose

Uber allows passengers to use the platform with infants and doesn't allow them to bring a car seat and allows the passenger to give you a bad comment because they failed to comply with state laws.

Uber violates the 2nd Amendment

Uber in general has a poor rating with its drivers