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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Police slam 70 year old woman

Copy and paste this link and watch how cops take a 70 year old woman who is not cuffed and slam her to the ground.

Nigglet rap star trampled U.S. flag

Those of you who follow rap know that Lil’ Wayne is one of those rappers that hip media critics love to love. Despite his problems with drugs and weapons (with the latter problem landing him in jail for eight months

, they think he’s amazing.

These same mainstream media critics probably won’t have a problem, then, with Lil’ Wayne’s latest video for his song titled (ironically, of course) “God Bless America.” During the video, the felonious rapper stomps on the American flag.

His disrespect for the flag is consistent with his lyrics: “My country, tis of thee / Sweet land of kill them all and let them die / So God bless America, this so Godless America.”

Whether this is a pose or something he truly believes doesn’t matter. What matters is that this is the kind of poisonous claptrap the mainstream media and entertainment industry feed to America’s impressionable young.

Watch for your self.

Lil Wayne nothing but a disrespecting bitch.

Lil Wayne you need a ass kicking. First those colors never touch the ground second bitch you don't use it like a carpet.  Your ignorant and effective immediately your songs and your friends songs shouldn't be played on the radio. Even if you did a public apology it wouldn't be accepted but you know would the military kicking your ass as your public apology.  Your nothing but a banana eating porch ape that needs to be beat and caged.

The link below please cut and past and watch for your self what this Fuck wade does.

Lil Wayne STEPS ON American Flag! God Bless Ameri…: