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Friday, January 18, 2013

Dumas High goes on lock down

Student causes Dumas High School on lock down after he brought a gun to school. Chicago Police caught the offender and recovered the weapon from him. But the school is still on lock down. Stay tuned for further details.

Obama Hypocrite

Our current president took an oath of office and that fucking coward shit ball gives an executive order against the 2nd Amendment . But in 2008 stand and took this oath  if you click on the video you will hear this man take the oat and I quote Preserve protect and defend the constitution of the United States so help him God but this Hypocrite did not do that.

So how is it Congress has not moved forward on Articles of Impeachment. Is our congress a bunch of spineless pussies or is it America who lost the back bone and decided to take it in the ass. If we all allow him or any president to rewrite one article then they are going to want to do 2 than 3 than 4 and by the time you know it we will be under government control. Let me ask you this who is going to protect your kids if you think the police your wrong they are few from many but this ass hole has this and I know you've seen them on the internet. Or better yet family as you can see his family is protected but not yours. you think his protection or him really care about you and your family think again, the sad thing about is he isn't the only one who is protected. here are some photos of the mayor of Chicago and the Governor of Illinois they have protection but again you don't. I noticed it's only the blacks crying about the gun violence you know why cause they breed animals and savages. Which makes it hard for the rest of the black community to live in. But it is the gangs and drug dealers but the government wont impose laws on them. So I say if you have a gun carry it if your life is threatened use it if the police arrest you let them cause you'll be rich and able to retire. Click to see the first family go to school