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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Federal Probe On C.P.D. Homicide Numbers

Shocking new report alleges Chicago police covered up numerous murders to pad the numbers for Mayor Emanuel's reelection bid . A body found stuffed in a air mattress in the Pilsen neighborhood was classified as noncriminal. Because of this classification the suspect was not extradited back from California and went on to commit more heinous felonies. This is just one of what could be hundreds of such cases.The day the article was published, a producer from WTTW’s Chicago Tonight reached out to Adam Collins, then the director of the police department’s Office of News Affairs. Collins turned down the producer’s request for a police official to appear on the show and tried to persuade her to cancel the segment altogether. “What a joke,” he updated his City Hall counterparts. “Spent all afternoon arguing with the people who air Sesame Street.”

“Quash this,” Sarah Hamilton, then Emanuel’s top press aide, directed a staffer two days later. “I told [Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed] that it was all bullshit and lies.”

Meanwhile, a furious McCarthy launched a vigorous hunt for anyone in the department who might have contacted the magazine. In a series of department meetings, say sources, he used terms like “traitor” and “traitorous act” to describe the sharing of information with the press. The police department’s current director of news affairs, Marty Maloney, declined to name who ordered the internal probe—now more than a year old—or to provide other details because “the investigation is still ongoing.”

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Subway Animal tweets about cop killing

We are up set and are calling a national boycott of Subway Restaurants. On Saturday night, a Subway employee posted vile, celebratory messages on Facebook following the horrific shooting deaths of two police officers in Hattiesburg, MississippiHer name was Sierra McCurdy. And she also posted threats of “Baltimore”-style rioting and more cop-killings in the area:

We can turn this bitch into Baltimore real quick. Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, fuck them…NO MERCY

Unbelievable, and chilling, how any American can reach a mindset where the murder of a police officer is worthy of a high-five. This is the hateful crop the media and race-baiters have cultivated. And their mutant spawn is vile beyond words.

When the backlash against McCurdy came, as TRN reported, she deleted her posts, tried to change her name and privacy level of her Facebook account, but the Internet had found her, and contacted Subway to demand she be fired:

@SUBWAY A woman like this is who represents your company? Sierra McCurdy of Mississippi. #Hattiesburg

— Leah the Boss (@LeahRBoss) May 10, 2015

The Subway manager who employed McCurdy told Top Right News he called McCurdy — and she absurdly tried to claim that her cellphone had been “stolen” and these messages posted without her knowledge.

It didn’t work.

Less than one hour ago, this despicable maggot got her walking papers: