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Monday, April 30, 2012

Preckwinkle wants to eliminate unincorporated areas in Cook County

Crook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle wants to accelerate efforts to do away with unincorporated areas over the next several years, saying today that the county can no longer afford to provide services for the 98,000 residents that live in those patches.
Instead, Preckwinkle wants nearby towns and villages to annex the county’s 62 square miles of unincorporated land into their borders, leaving those municipalities to pick up the cost for police protection, animal control and other key services.
Preckwinkle acknowledges it’s a controversial idea that will meet resistance from towns that don’t want to shoulder the added costs and residents that fear annexation could force their taxes to go up.
“I would hope that we can make progress in the next year or two and that within a decade we would have reached our goal, which is the elimination of unincorporated Cook. I would hope that we could do that before the decade is out, but some of these issues are very complicated,” she said at a news conference.
Preckwinkle said the county may have to provide incentives to towns to encourage annexation, such as beefing up infrastructure that’s lacking in many unincorporated areas.
Preckwinkle said it's unclear how much money the county would save in the long run by eliminating unincorporated areas, but said residents would benefit from annexation because they would receive better representation from local government.
The recommendation to eliminate the county’s unincorporated areas came from a task force Preckwinkle put together to study the issue after meeting resistance to a previous proposal that would have charged residents of unincorporated areas an extra tax for police protection and other services.

Racist Al Sharpton, Jessie Small Dick Jackson & Martin Family are the first to be sued by Zimmerman

In a twist not even the best fiction writers could have seen coming, the Trayvon Martin case, instigated by a couple of sheister attorneys looking to make money from a tragedy, will reportedly end with George Zimmerman recovering legal damages from Al Sharpton, NBC, and the Trayvon Martin family attorneys, Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump.
The first claim is likely to be intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED). To be successful, Zimmerman will have to show that conduct of Al Sharpton and NBC was so extreme and outrageous that it transcended all bounds of decency; that they acted with either the purpose to cause Zimmerman extreme emotional distress or acted with reckless disregard for Zimmerman's emotional well being, and that Al Sharpton and NBC caused him identifiable emotional damage. Here, Al Sharpton publically claimed that Trayvon Martin was murdered and that George Zimmerman should be arrested for the crime. The ensuing civil unrest and threats of racial violence caused Zimmerman to go into hiding. There is no doubt that crying racism and murder to a group of self-radicalized Black militants is beyond all bounds of decency. Any White peron accused of killing an unarmed Black child because of racism would be terrified of the mob's reaction. If Zimmerman has been treated by a physician for any kind of emotional trauma caused by Sharpton linking him to a murder that never occured, Sharpton's going to be held responsible.

NBC, CNN, Fox, Fox owned Facebook, the Creator of Arrest George Zimmerman's Facebook page and many others will likely also be found liable to Zimmerman for IIED because a producuer who admittedly altered an audio recording to make it look like Zimmerman harbored racial prejudices against Blacks. The result made all of America believe that George Zimmerman was the most wretched racist on the planet. Again, this sort of behavior is wholly unacceptable in a society that values established due process and the search for the truth. This act, combined with Sharpton's incessant race-baiting no doubt caused Zimmerman intense emotional pain.
The second against Al Sharpton and NBC claim is likely to be twofold- defamation and the invasion of privacy. The common law elements of defamation are 1) a false statement, 2) about or concerning the plaintiff, 3) communicated to a third person, and 4) damage to the plaintiff's reputation. While it's generally held that defamatory speech is slander and written communications are libel, where the speech is recorded and widely available, the proper claim is libel, which is held to be the more serious of the two as video recordings become permanent because they are ubiquitiously reproduced and shared across the Internet via social networking.Clearly, Al Sharpton repeatedly told people that Trayvon Martin was murdered by a racist and that George Zimmerman should be held responsible. As we are finding out, there was no racially motivated murder here. Sharpton's statements on MSNBC and at the numerous rallies he appeared at were patently false, and they were clearly about George Zimmerman. The damage to George Zimmerman's reputation is grave. He's been branded a racist child murder by Sharpton. He had to quit his job and leave his community because of the damage done to his reputation.
While Sharpton's employer, NBC, would normally not be liable for Sharpton's intentional torts, they certainly could be held responsible for his behavior under a negligence theory. If NBC knew, or should've known, that Sharpton's on-air race-baiting and vitriolic conjecture would lead to the destruction of George Zimmerman's reputation, and did nothing to prevent Sharpton from harming Zimmerman, NBC will also be looking at a negligence action.
An invasion of privacy claim will stand against NBC because of the altering of the audio tape. The publication of the audio placing George Zimmerman in a false light that is offensive to a reasonuble perosn under the circumstances, and satisfies the main elements of a false light invasion of privacy claim. Because the producer has reportedly admitted to altering the audio to make the story seem like a hate crime, there will be little problem with establishing intent here. Because this is a story of public interest, Zimmerman will have to show that it was done with malice. What could be more malicious than deliberately portraying someone as a racist child killer without a shred of proof?
The third claim will be against the Martin family attorney whose professional malpractice brought a nation to the precipice of a race riot. It was attorney Benjamin Crump who contacted Al Sharpton. Crump called Sharpton after trying to intimidate Sheriff Lee into arresting Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin. When Crump realized he wasn't going to be able to bring a wrongful death suit against the city or county (his specialty by the way is suing state and local governments), Crump decided to invent a racial controversy in order to force the Sanford Police Department into a settlement. Benjamin Crump manufactured outrage over a hate crime that was itself manufactured. This is negligence of the worst sort. It's willful.
As an attorney, Benjamin Crump has a duty to adhere to the principles of law. If you don't have a merit-based case, the law holds you have no case. It is malpractice to invent knowingly invent one. The harm caused by Crump's breach of duty is mind-numbing. There were death threats to Zimmerman and his family from militant Black racists. There were retalitory killings of White people. All of this on top of the injury to George Zimmerman. He has lost everything for no other reason than a greedy attorney wanted to shake down the police for money. It's shameful. It's this sort of behavior that gives legal professionals a horrible public image. Thanks a bunch Ben.

This just walked in our doors

Derick Smith's Complaint

Derick Smith's Inicdtment paper's

Now we know were our tax dollars go in to corrupt politics who can not balance a budget

State State Rep. Derrick Smith leaves the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse after a hearing last month on bribery charges.

Really and you people wounder why we owe money cause fuck face politicians like Ryan, Blago and now this Asshole take your money put it their pockets then they take more money on bribes and then waste even more money when the fed has to invesigate. This fuck is another Chicago crook lets try to keep the city politicians out of state and federal govenment since they can not behave.

State Rep. Derrick Smith is to be arraigned today on federal bribery charges.

The Chicago Democrat is scheduled to appear before U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman.

Smith has been charged with accepting a bribe in exchange for using his influence to obtain a state grant for a daycare center. Smith was arrested March 13, days before Illinois' primary election where he won the Democratic nomination despite his arrest.

Several state leaders have called for Smith to step down.

Smith's attorney, Victor Henderson, says his client is innocent and he has no intentions of leaving office.

A special legislative committee is reviewing whether Smith should be removed from office. Chairwoman Elaine Nekritz says Smith will be asked to testify under oath as soon as this week.


Save the Indiana Houses

House of Tomorrow

A 12-sided house with walls of glass built for the 1933 World's Fair as the House of Tomorrow is among the new entries on a list of Indiana's most endangered historic places.

The annual list of 10 most-endangered sites released by Indiana Landmarks includes five other new entries. The group says they're jeopardy of being destroyed.

The House of Tomorrow was moved after the World's Fair Chicago to a site along Lake Michigan in the town of Beverly Shores, but has deteriorated over the years. Town Council President Geof Benson tells the Post-Tribune he's hoping someone will take over the house.

A holdover on the list is the Taggart Memorial at Riverside Park in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Star reports volunteers are working to raise $2 million to restore the memorial.

Officials say Alcohol played a factor in the car killing someone I told you people quit putting beer in the tank of a car

State Police investigate the scene where a motorist driving the wrong way on the Bishop Ford Freeway  struck another vehicle, killing one person.

Officials say alcohol played a role in an early morning fatal crash that occurred when a South Side man drove the wrong way on the Bishop Ford Freeway, closing all inbound lanes for five hours, Illinois State police said.

State police had received several calls about a car headed south in the northbound lanes just before the 4:30 a.m. collision near 122nd Street, authorities said.

The 24-year-old driver's black 1998 Chevy Malibu hit a black 2003 Honda Accord driven by a 54-year-old man, who then careened into a tanker truck, according to State Police Sgt. Jason LoCoco. The Accord came to rest in the left lane of the freeway, he said.

Ronnie Head of Dolton was pronounced dead at 5:34 a.m. at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Head worked for the Chicago Tribune for 27 years as a press operator at the paper's plant at the Freedom Center, according to Becky Brubaker, senior vice president for manufacturing and distribution. Head was on his way to his job, she said.

He was married and had two grown children, said Brubaker. Head's positive attitude and work ethic will be greatly missed, said Brubaker.

"He was an exemplary man, he was upbeat and always saw things positively. He saw a silver lining in every cloud," said Brubaker. "He was reliable, just a terrific man. It's very tragic, you hear about this news and you just don't think about it being one of your work family."

The wrong-way driver was in critical condition at Christ, officials said. His name was not released. The driver of the tanker, a 28-year-old Tennessee man, was not injured. The tanker was not carrying hazardous material, LoCoco said.

Officials said alcohol played a factor in the crash but no charges have been filed yet, according to LoCoco. Authorities closed the inbound lanes while they investigated the scene and did not reopen them until 9:25 a.m.

While on the scene, state troopers were alerted to another motorist driving the wrong way several miles south. A trooper was able to stop that driver near 130th Street without incident, officials said.

The collision was the second fatal accident on the Bishop Ford this morning. Since December, Chicago area roadways have experienced at least a half-dozen wrong-way driving incidents resulting in injures and deaths.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is expected to release a study on wrong-way drivers later this year.

Where has your head been while driving

People lately have not been paying attention driving. To many crashes are you people just that Fucking Stupid or did you forget the rules of the road seriously. I think 80% of driver's need to go back to driving school.

I mean people see cars in intersection turning slow down cause you don't know what he or she is going to do. If you come to an intersection pay attention to road signs yield means California Stop when you see another car comming through you are then to STOP Hell fuck heads

 One person was killed in a crash caused by a motorist driving the wrong way on the Bishop Ford Freeway this morning, Illinois State police said.

State police received several calls about a car headed south in the northbound lanes just before the 4:30 a.m. collision near 122nd Street, authorities said.

Early reports indicated the wrong-way driver struck another car, killing that driver, said Master Sgt. Joseph Stangl. But state troopers remained at the scene nearly two hours later still investigating the accident. Authorities have closed several inbound lanes and have diverted traffic to 130th Street.

State troopers on the scene were later alerted to another motorist driving the wrong way several miles south. A trooper was able to stop that driver near 130th Street without incident.

The collision was the second fatal accident on the Bishop Ford this morning. Since December, Chicago area roadways have experienced at least a half-dozen wrong-way driving incidents resulting in injures and deaths.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is expected to release a study on wrong-way drivers later this year.

Wildebeast shoots at Police and Police Killed 1 and wounded 2

Neither Emmanual nor McCarthy get it the more guns laws that are passed the more the lawabiding citezen can not defend themselves. It wont matter what laws are passed the criminals will always get the guns. More Guns equals less crime Violant crime has gone down in states with CWP. this is proven more gang on gang and drug dealer on drug dealer shootings the inocent by standard is less likely to be held up, rapped, murdered or car jacked don't they get that guns save lives. I mean seriously. If we had concealed or open carry the article below would have never been printed.
Chicago police shot and killed one man and wounded two others this morning after a team of burglars crashed through a steel door and clipped a police officer in the Little Village neighborhood on the West Side, police union officials said.

The shooting occurred as Ogden District officers were responding to a burglary call at an electronics store on Western Avenue in the 2400 block of South Western Avenue between 2:30 a.m. and 2:45 a.m., authorities said.

The officers spotted three men inside the store, then surrounded the business, announced they were the police and knocked on the doors, trying to get the men to surrender, according to Pat Camden, a spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police, which represents the department's rank-and-file.

But the burglars got into a car belonging to the store's owner that was parked inside the business and smashed through a metal door, Camden said. The swerving car struck an officer and a squad car, and then raced toward several officers, Camden said. The officers opened fire, he said.

One of the men in the car was dead at the scene, Camden said. The other two were taken to Stroger Hospital, but their conditions were not known.

The injured officer was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for bruises and contusions, Camden said.

"You'd think (the suspects have) been watching the movies because they think they can drive through an iron door and still manage to get away when the police are telling them to give it up," Camden said. "But instead, they choose to use the vehicle as a weapon to get away. It doesn't work."

Police recovered a cache of stolen electronics and other goods inside the car, Camden said.

The Independent Police Review Authority, which investigates all officer-involved shootings, opened an investigation into the shooting and sent several investigators to the scene this morning, according to Ilana Rosenzweig, the agency's chief administrator.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sarge's Sports


Bears to face Denver Aug 9
Even Rodreguiez a tightend full back from Temple, Isac Fray and Greg Mc Coy for Special Teams,
Kevin Hadden, and   Johnathan Wilhike are all signed with the Bears according to ESPN

Alshon Jeffery Wide Reciever, Brian Harden Safety,


 BULLS WIN first Playoff game and Derrick Rose is out with a ACL problem

National League
Washington147.667-8-26-57457+17Lost 36-449.8
Atlanta138.61916-27-610983+26Lost 17-355.3
NY Mets129.57128-54-482102-20Won 15-514.7
Philadelphia1011.47644-46-769690Won 15-553.1
Miami812.4005.56-32-96470-6Won 14-68.8
St. Louis147.667-6-28-511157+54Won 36-485.9
Cincinnati1011.47646-54-68185-4Won 16-427.3
Pittsburgh911.4504.55-44-74659-13Won 16-46.8
Milwaukee912.42956-63-691117-26Lost 34-619.8
Houston813.38164-54-89591+4Lost 14-611.4
Chicago Cubs714.33375-82-67396-23Lost 14-66.9
LA Dodgers156.714-9-26-48773+14Won 26-466.2
San Francisco1110.52445-36-78685+1Won 16-429.8
Colorado1010.5004.56-54-5102104-2Lost 16-417.0
Arizona1011.47656-74-48793-6Lost 13-736.3
San Diego715.3188.55-92-67187-16Lost 14-611.0
American League
Baltimore138.619-7-46-49080+10Won 16-426.2
Tampa Bay138.619-8-15-79894+4Lost 18-258.1
NY Yankees119.5501.55-46-511299+13Lost 16-464.8
Toronto1110.52425-66-49790+7Won 15-527.2
Boston1010.5002.53-57-5115114+1Won 66-438.7
Cleveland109.526-3-77-28691-5Lost 15-525.2
Detroit1110.524-6-75-39298-6Won 13-759.0
Chicago Sox1011.47613-77-481810Lost 54-629.9
Kansas City614.3004.50-106-47995-16Won 33-719.8
Minnesota515.2505.52-83-777116-39Lost 62-83.3
Texas165.762-8-48-111862+56Won 17-397.0
Seattle1111.5005.53-68-59093-3Lost 15-512.4
Oakland1111.5005.56-75-46576-11Lost 16-415.2
LA Angels714.333

Sarge's daily thought: Military

I just wanted to say thank you and I support you.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU for your service

Forest Park Wilebeast rob's whitie of cell phone then returns it for cash but decides to shoot the owner instead

A man trying to get his cell phone back was shot near a Forest Park store today when he refused a demand for money, police said.

Details were preliminary but police said the man who lost his cell phone had called his own number, and the person who answered agreed to meet to return the phone.

About 2:55 p.m. the two men met outside a 7-Eleven store at Roosevelt Road and Des Plaines Avenue in Forest Park, when the man who had the cell phone demanded money for its return, said Forest Park Police Sgt. Tim Adams.

The phone's owner refused, and the man who had the phone shot the owner before running away, Adams said. He was still being sought this afternoon.

The phone owner was taken to Loyola University Hospital in unknown condition.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

City of Chicago Animal Control round up 4 mokeys and 5 Apes that escaped from the 26th and Cali. Zoo guess County zoo keepers can not keep an eye on all these inmates

Police released booking photos of the following -- top row, from left: Jontae Adams, Derick Coopwood,Geonne Crew; bottom row, from left: Troy Harris, Michael Raggs, Jermaine Rose, Quentin Scott. (Chicago police)

Nine suspected gang members were arrested Saturday as Chicago police moved to shut down an open-air heroin market in the East Garfield Park neighborhood.

First Deputy Superintendent Al Wysinger said residents’ complaints about violence at the intersection of Hamlin and Ohio streets prompted a two-month investigation of drug sales there, leading to the arrests, $6,700 in cash and several grams of heroin worth about $3,000 on the street.

It wasn’t an enormous haul as far as coordinated drug busts go. But what Wysinger said next illustrated the huge neighborhood uncertainties that sometimes accompany such police activity:

It will be up to the community to make sure the drug dealers don’t return.

“This is the community’s block,” Wysinger said as he stood at the intersection Saturday afternoon. “It does not belong to the gang bangers, the drug dealers. It’s theirs. We’ve taken it back and we’re going to turn it over to them.”

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has spoken in the past about the unintended problems sometimes caused by breaking up narcotics operations. Unless police maintain a presence at the location and social service agencies are brought in, violence may increase as a new crop of drug dealers fight for control, McCarthy has noted.

Wysinger pointed out another hard reality in high-crime neighborhoods: With limited resources, “we can’t be every place all the time.”

“You’re going to see a stepped-up police presence initially, but we’re going to wean it back and actually turn it over to the community,” Wysinger said, adding that police have warrants out for three other suspects.

Ald. Walter Burnett Jr., 27th, said the arrests are a good first step. But before residents feel confident enough to stand up to the gangs, they need assurances the police will stay on the case after the TV cameras leave, he said.

“People aren’t afraid if they know they’ve got back-up,” Burnett said