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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The truth and nothing but the truth

I am not a racist I just hate everyone equally. So yes I will say it this man is a lieing son of a bitch who was so desperate for some dick she fucked a Kenyan Monkey which in turn gave birth to this zebera. All you fucks in cluding me voted for this asswhipe. Now you ridicule me when I talk bad about him. Let me tell you all something this man is trying to take our constitution away one amendment at a time. So all of you who are asleep at the wheel may not care about concealed carry and don't care about gun control half of you are anti gun but it is time we rose up and stood a ground and remind these politicians who they work for cause today is the 2nd Amendment tomorrow it will be the first and then what your going to cry when we are all forced to read and worship the Karan. don't believe me listen to the Gentlemen from Texas Rep. Broun.Click to watch and listen

I am a NRA Member and ISRA Member we need to stand together lynch his home in Chicago and send an aresst team out to DC in the event he signs this bill and it becomes law he shall be arrested for treason and hung by his neck untill dead. Cause under the 14th Amendment treason is punishable by death. below is another clip from a News broadcast

I say wake up AMerica our country needs us more now then ever if our military can do it so can we or are you people a bunch of tree hugging gumps with no back bone bitches