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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Good eating in the burbs to the city

Chicago Pita Kitchen is located at 13227 South Brainard Avenue

The place has decent parking and a small sit down as well as seating along the window that faces Brainard Ave. We had the heart attack or the Gottardo special.

You start with a bun then 1 lbs hamburger meat then 2 strips of bacon then 5 strips of gyros meat following up with another 1 lbs patty then mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and pickle. Then A1 sauce then the bun. Fries come with and order a big drink. First time we ate here but a good recommendation from the 4th district chicago police I give this place 7 Sears Towers.

Very good.

Good eating in the burbs to the city

Windy City located on the corner of 63rd street and Keeler.  Small parking lot sit down at window view and great fast food.
This old school place brings me back to when I was a kid. It gets 4.5 Sears Towers