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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Update: Illinois Police Reserves foney or real

We have heard back from NMRT and the email is pretty clear.

"In Illinois, the state board that is responsible for law enforcement training and standards is the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board (ILETSB).

The ILETSB recognizes 6 academies.
They include:


·         The Chicago Police Academy;

·         The Cook County Police Academy;

·         The Suburban Law Enforcement Academy at the College of DuPage;

·         The Illinois State Police Academy;

·         The Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois; and the

·         Southwestern Police Academy. 

The ILETSB does not recognize the Illinois Police Reserves as a legitimate police academy;  nor does it recognize the Illinois Police Reserves as a law enforcement agency under the laws
of the state."

So now we know the truth as to their claim. How this organization came across our radar is the gun thing. We feel that there is no information on their training when they carry firearms. This poses a real concern for the public and the police. IDPFR Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulations has yet to send their feed back as to are they a 117 card holder or a 229 card holder with a permanent employee registration card.

We believe that this organization could possibly committing income tax evasion and or extortion.