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Friday, June 29, 2012

Animal's attack a man on red line

Animal's attacked a couple on the red line 63rd street station and is heading north bound.
Mayor Emanuel still speachless as he recieves the news. How can a mayor allow this to the people who voted him in. The people of Chicago vote you in to office they get attacked and tell you we need more cops but instead you sit there and say that wont happen to me. Well no shit but it can happen to your wife or kids Mr. Mayor did you ever think about that. Daley was a corrupt asshole but he listened to the people.

I ask all chicagoian's to grab a ball bat and join me fourth of july on the red line we will ride the train from one plat form to the other jumping on and off watching people to ensure their commute is a safe one. Who is with me if I can sacrifice my holiday so can you. Police, Security, Firemen, Construction workers, your job title don't mean shit just grab a bat and meet me at noon on 95th Street with bat in hand garentee we will get it across to the mayor. If you are law enforcement bring cuffs cause if these animals attack we will swing then cuff. 

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