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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sign can pay millions thanks to law makers

So law makers told businesses to put this sign up to get you not to carry a gun in thier store. So the smart politicians of illinois just allowed to make millions off these businesses.  How you ask well we spoke with Jack Zaremba who is a lawyer and we also spoke with Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney David L. Freidberg. Both lawyers in not so many words gave scenarios as to how a business like Walmart can pay millions or a business like Subway or Oasis on 294 can be liable. 

Scenario 1
You are walking from the parking lot and approach the doors of Walmart when you notice the sign below.  You walk back to the car to put your gun away. You then start heading back to the store when you are robbed at gun point.  Walmart is now liable for your mental stability and the loss of your personal property as well as the ptsd at work.  Or

You successfully finished your shopping when you noticed your car was broken into and your firearm is gone. Walmart is now liable for the missing firearm and damage and repairs to your car.

Scenario 2
You are a ccw card carrier when a man comes in to Subway and or oasis on the toll ways and sticks up the place because of the sign. You can't defend your self or the store.

Scenario 3
Your in the forest preserve or public transportation and your a female.

1 forest preserve jogging male comes out of no where and attacks you. Your life is now going to end if you don't cooperate and because you can't have a gun. Now the County has to pay out.

2 your on the cta, pace, or metra and your mugged or raped and having your gun could have helped but because of the law you can't carry or you can but needs to be broken down.  The transportation agency and or the county, city, and or state will be paying you for your traumatic injury to your mental stability.  These are two lawyers who see this coming and are preparing to see who they can suite to get you money.
They also informed us that if the criminal is caught he or she can be held liable.