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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The right to keep and bear arms really goes a long way

Our reader and follower Thanks for the pic.
My reader sent me a picture of him carrying his gun.  It is a shame that more people like him can carry out side of their home state. I guess Illinois should change it's name to the State of the United Kingdom the only state that impliments U.K. laws. If you have a concealed carry permit I encourage you to tell Quinn, Emanuel, and Cook County to fuck off. Out side spending is classified by any spending that money is used to spend on Movies, dinner's, ect. is not to go to Illinois just spend your money to live if your going to splurge leave state with your gun and your permits and go to a gun friendly state. Thank you to my reader for standing up to our politicians. You have balls unlike the other spineless ass holes who are affraid of local and federal government. I stand right with you telling them to keep hugging trees and keep taking it in the ass, eventually yourcivil rights will be taken away and some one from Germany will be right over to run our country cause with out our constitution we will be electing a foriegn president oh wait we did he is a zebra from Kenya.