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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


We are investigating 8317 West 79th Street in Justice Illinois. The owner of the building is Mark Kardalewski.  Mr. Kardalewski has a Disabled Veteran and a child with spinalbifida living at this building address.  We have been informed by the tenants that they have seen him pay off the building inspector. We also were informed they have complained about the snow not being plowed or the salt on the ground or mice not being trapped.

Upon our investigation we noticed the entry ways are at 32 inches with the door opened at 90 degrees. Which brings this building out of code. We also noticed the kitchen area is small and out of code. We even noticed the counters and the bathroom is not up to code.

We spoke with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development they had informed us that under the fair housing act 42 U.S.C. 3604 March 13,1991 [ revised ] clearly states that the entry doors need to be 36 inches with the door opened at 90 degrees, the kitchen needs to have 30 inches x 48 inches clear space clear floor space with a minimum of 40 inches in between opposing cabinets and that the bathroom 30 inches x 48 inches of floor space out side a swinging door as it closes.

So in short this building is not up to the American Disabilities Act nor is it in compliance with the Fair Housing Act of 1991.  We will bring you updates as this story developes.