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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sox are in 1st Place at the start of the season

At the start of a  season the Sox are in first place.

While the Cubs are in 1st plast to never see a series Hahahahaha CUBS SUCK

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American League
Tampa Bay178.680-11-16-7114103+11Won 49-164.1
Baltimore169.64018-48-510885+23Won 28-239.2
Toronto1411.56038-76-4124108+16Won 25-536.8
NY Yankees1311.5423.57-66-5121114+7Lost 25-552.9
Boston1113.4585.54-77-6132133-1Lost 27-330.6
Cleveland1210.545-4-78-398101-3Won 15-526.9
Chicago Sox1212.50015-87-49590+5Lost 14-637.1
Detroit1212.50017-85-4105110-5Lost 13-754.7
Kansas City716.3045.50-107-689113-24Won 14-612.5
Minnesota618.25073-83-1087137-50Lost 31-91.7
Texas178.680-8-59-313687+49Lost 25-592.9
Oakland1313.5004.56-77-68297-15Won 26-414.0
Seattle1115.4236.53-68-999111-12Lost 54-66.9
LA Angels1015.40077-63-99394-1Won 34-629.6
National League
Washington159.625-9-36-68068+12Won 15-547.4
Atlanta1510.600.58-47-6133112+21Won 15-550.6
NY Mets1312.5202.58-55-795125-30Lost 35-510.4
Philadelphia1213.4803.55-57-89395-2Lost 15-548.4
Miami1014.41756-54-97890-12Won 23-78.5
St. Louis168.667-8-38-513570+65Won 26-489.5
Cincinnati1112.4784.57-64-68893-5Lost 16-426.3
Milwaukee1114.4405.56-65-8102129-27Lost 24-617.8
Houston1114.4405.57-54-9118104+14Won 36-419.3
Pittsburgh1014.41765-45-106888-20Lost 24-65.4
Chicago Cubs915.37575-84-785104-19Won 16-49.3
LA Dodgers178.680-10-27-610393+10Lost 15-561.9
Arizona1312.52046-77-5113108+5Lost 16-446.7
San Francisco1212.5004.56-56-79391+2Lost 25-529.2
Colorado1212.5004.58-74-5127124+3Won 15-518.9
San Diego917.3468.57-102-78299-17Won 25-510.5

Sarge's thought of the day

Wednesday May 2 2012 Top Story

Pam Zekman, an investigative reporter with WBBM Channel 2, snuck up to visible CPD foot patrol Officer Joe Pagan at the Merchandise Mart, while on his beat and doing his assigned job as the Kinzie and Wells foot patrol officer. Zekman had a microphone and camera man, demanding answers from Pagan, "What are you doing in the Merchandise Mart?..."

On Pagan's foot beat, the low crime rate is partially attributed to his charismatic personality. Every day, he meets and talks with people on his beat. Also contributing is Pagan's zero tolerance for loitering, which is frequently tied to pickpockets and purse snatching.

On his beat at Kinzie and Wells, Pagan knows the merchants, the daily riders on the CTA brown line, the every-day Chicagoans, patrons, and employees on his beat. Most of them know Joe as well.

Chicago needs more police officers on the job and officers like Joe Pagan. As a foot patrol officer, Pagan has beat integrity, is proactive every day, and knows the people on his beat.

The Willis (Sears) tower and the John Hancock do not allow the public to walk through as the Merchandise Mart does, and there isn't a CTA stop in those buildings either. As part of a beat patrol, I am 50-50 with respect to whether a CPD foot patrol officer should be assigned to the Merchandise Mart because of its unique function as a quasi-public building. I am 100% opposed to a jealous 018th district officer fueling a story and setting up a fine fellow officer.

Proactive foot patrol officer Pagan at Kinzie and Wells represents the CPD with stellar performance.

Top quality Chicago Police officers like Pagan should not be tainted by the City's record high murder rate. As a self made, non politically connected beat foot patrol officer, Pagan was assigned to a low crime, high profile, Kinzie-Wells beat, which includes a quasi-public building with no metal detectors upon entry - - the Merchandise Mart. This post makes a juicy story.

The City of Chicago needs more police officers on the job. Certainly, the CPD needs to weed out the jealous rat in the 018th District that dropped a dime on Joe working his beat at the Merchandise Mart. In the long run, the rat will tarnish their own FOP officers.

If the Chicago Police Department had more foresight 20 years ago and less politics, and employed more vigilant police officers like Joe Pagan rather than connected bureaucrats, maybe there wouldn't be as much violent crime or murders in Chicago today.

Outside of the job, Joe Pagan is a family man with high family values, and spends numerous hours volunteering and leading in his neighborhood - a strong collaboration with his character and accountability for 14 years on the job. His performance has earned him high profile posts.

My mission for 20 plus years has been top quality public education and strong neighborhoods in Chicago. Joe Pagan has taken a lead with this mission and has been the Chairmen for Latino outreach for Logan Square Concerned Citizens.

Larry Ligas

Community Reformer and Chairman, Logan Square Concerned Citizens

cell (312) xxx-xxxx
reply to:

NATO Protesters Won't Be Sent to Joliet Prison


Joliet, Ill. - The Illinois Department of Corrections says it won't reopen the Joliet prison to house protesters arrested during this month's NATO summit.
Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart floated that idea in recent days as he prepares for the possibility of a large number of arrests. Thousands of anti-war and other demonstrators are expected to descend on the city during the May 20-21 summit. Dart's office has noted that Cook County jail space is already severely limited.
The Chicago Sun-Times reported Thursday that the state prison authority has decided not to reopen the shuttered facility in Joliet.
Department of Corrections spokeswoman Stacey Solano tells the Sun-Times that the former Joliet Correctional Center is "not an option." She didn't explain why.

Chicago Businesses Can Sign Up For NATO Alerts


Chicago - Chicago's NATO Host Committee says businesses can sign up for alerts about security and other matters during the upcoming summit.

The committee says a new Business Communications Center will provide will provide two-way communication between the city's Office of Emergency Management & Communications and the business community during the May 20-21 summit.

Officials say business owners and managers can sign up for email, text or Twitter alerts about such things as emergencies or street closures, and they'll be able to submit questions for a direct response.

The center is being managed by Hillard Heintze, a private security and investigations firm.

A real Gangster Al " Scar Face " Capone

A historic hotel in Fox Lake that once served as mobster Al Capone's weekend retreat is up for sale on eBay.

The owners of the Mineola Lounge and Marina listed the property in Fox Lake on eBay Monday with a starting bid of $2 million.

Owner Pete Jakstas says the property includes the hotel, 17 acres of lake-front land, the marina and his former home. He says he's been trying to sell the Mineola for a couple of years and he decided to try eBay so he'd reach a national market.

The president of the Grant Township Historical Society says the Mineola has fallen into disrepair in recent years but has the potential to be beautiful.

Up Date: Wildebeast gets owned by store owner

Robbery foiled

The robber fired two shots inside the small jewelry shop in West Rogers Park as he threatened Georgi Layous and terrorized Layous' wife and two young grandchildren, even snatching a butterfly necklace and a purse from the 4-year-old granddaughter.

Before leaving, the robber turned his back and began fiddling with a computer to get at surveillance video. The 66-year-old Layous -- paralyzed on his right side from a stroke years ago -- said he saw his chance.

Turning to his wife, he told her in Arabic, "Give me the gun." As his grandchildren cried on a couch behind him, Layous said he took the .380-caliber pistol in his left hand and shot the robber in the leg.

When police arrived, they found Musa Thomas, 19, lying on the ground next to a backpack filled with jewelry taken from the store, including the necklace and the purse, officials said. He was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston to be treated for a gunshot wound to the left hip.

“I am very, very sorry for him,’’ Layous said.

Layous said he has known Thomas for five years because the teen would sometimes come into the Starlight Jewelry store in the 2700 block of West Devon Avenue and try to sell some gold jewelry.

When Thomas announced a robbery Monday afternoon, Layous said he thought he was joking.

“He came in with luggage, a schoolbag, and said, 'Hi, how are you,' ’’ said Layous. “He opened his bag and took the gun out right away. He said, 'I’ll kill you.' And he told me to put the money in the bag right away.’’

But Layous said he told him, "You’re my friend, how could you do this to me?"

Thomas became angry when he found only $11 in the register, so he jumped onto the counter and pushed Layous to the ground, Layous said. “I told him I don’t have any money and he pushed me,’’ he said.

Layous said Thomas also pushed his wife to the ground, telling her he would kill her if she moved. After walking back and forth several times from one room to another, Layous said Thomas took jewelry from some cases and even robbed his little granddaughter Sophia, taking a purse and a jewel box and grabbing the necklace from around her neck.

“He took the jewelry from my granddaughter,’’ Layous said. “He snatched it from her neck.’’ When the robber turned away, the little girl grabbed up some of her toys and stuffed them into her pockets so "the jewelry bandit" wouldn't get them, he said.

Layous said he opened two safes for Thomas as the robber screamed and fired twice, missing him and his family.

While Thomas was at a computer, trying to remove surveillance video tapes, Layous said his wife handed him the gun he keeps in the store for protection. “I asked my wife to give me the gun and I shot him in the leg,’’ Layous said.

“If he didn’t get to the gun I don’t even know what would have happened,’’ said the children’s father, Joseph Layous.

He is trying to help his children understand the robbery and he hopes they will forget about it and not worry too much.

“Not all guns are bad,’’ Joseph Layous said he told his children.

Thomas, of the 1300 block of South Union Avenue, was charged with armed robbery. Georgi Layous said police took his gun but did not cite him with anything.

Georgi Layous said he has operated other jewelry shops on Devon Avenue for more than 20 years. His daughter Caroline Layous said her father has a kind heart. "He's always trying to help people.’’

Wildebeast shoots up the city and kills a inocent bystandard

One man was shot dead following a family disagreement and another was hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds in separate shootings, Chicago police said this morning.

The slaying, which occurred at about 11:50 p.m. Wednesday in an alley in the 1700 block of North Monitor Avenue in the North Austin neighborhood, is believed to be connected to a quarrel between the 29-year-old victim and the boyfriend of a female cousin, authorities said.

As the victim, Maurice Mathews, and the boyfriend exchanged words regarding the relationship, the second man pulled a handgun and shot Mathews in the chest, police said.

Mathews, of the first block of North Latrobe Avenue, was dead at the scene, according to police and the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Police quickly received a description of the gunman's getaway vehicle and pursued it on the Eisenhower Expressway, authorities said. The man was eventually arrested and was being held by police in west suburban Maywood.

The gunman, who has not yet been charged, had an active order of protection against him, filed by the victim's cousin, a source said.

An autopsy on Mathews was scheduled for later today.
Prior to that shooting, a 23-year-old man was wounded at about 10:20 p.m. in the 6500 block of South Drexel Avenue on the South Side, police said,
Police said the victim, a member of the Gangster Disciples street gang, was sitting in a vehicle when the gunman approached, pulled a handgun and opened fire. The victim was hit multiple times in the torso and was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition.

Authorities were calling the shooting gang related, but didn't have a description of the shooter.

Since March, the Woodlawn community has had seven homicides, including the shooting death of a 24-year-old man on the same block as Wednesday's shooting.

Chicago Police need to go back to the range

Police fire shots

Chicago police fired shots at a robbery suspect they said pointed a handgun at officers following a street robbery in the West Chatham neighborhood on the city's South Side, police said today.

No injuries were reported in the incident that occurred just before 10:30 p.m. Wednesday -- directly east of the Dan Ryan Expressway -- on East 87th Street between Indiana and State streets, police said.

Gresham District officers were flagged down near 87th Street and Wabash Avenue by a man who said he was robbed at gunpoint by two males who fled in a white van, police said.

Officers drove through the area looking for the van, until the victim, driving his own vehicle, signaled to the officers that he was following the robbers' vehicle, police said.

As the officers approached the van on foot, one of the occupants got out holding a handgun. One of the officers fired, but no one was struck, police said.

The officers, aided by an off-duty officer, took both males into custody after a foot chase. Police also recovered weapons and several items that were taken from the robbery victim, authorities said.

The Independent Police Review Authority was investigating the incident. No charges had been filed.

CIA chief to lead city's Memorial Day parade

                                 David Petraeus

CIA director David Petraeus will be the grand marshal for Chicago's Memorial Day Parade.
Petraeus is a retired four-star U.S. Army general and former top commander in Afghanistan. He will lead this year's Memorial Day parade and participate in the wreath laying ceremony before the May 26 parade. The city made the announcement Wednesday.
This year the parade will commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the song "Taps" with a special tribute. The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events reports this year's events are dedicated to all soldiers who have fought and died in recent conflicts.

Update: Chicago Police Sergeant hurt in crash

Authorities hit a Southwest Side man with felonies and numerous traffic citations following a crash that seriously injured a Chicago police sergeant, police said.

Rolando Robledo, of the 6000 block of South Mozart Avenue, faces both felony aggravated DUI and misdemeanor DUI charges in connection to the Wednesday morning crash near the intersection of 59th Street and California Avenue, police said.

Police officer seriously hurt in SW Side crash
The officer's vehicle collided with a green Ford at about 2:22 a.m. at the Chicago Lawn intersection, police said.

The officer was admitted to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in serious-to-critical condition, though authorities said he was improving.

                                DUI arrest 

Authorities initially believed that the sergeant suffered only minor injuries, but later found more extensive injuries internally, authorities said.

Robledo was treated at Holy Cross Hospital. Robledo was issued several tickets, including criminal damage to government property, failing to reduce his speed, driving on a suspended license and disobeying a traffic signal.