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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Isis sets fire to an American

We have come in conection to the most latest American killed by ISIS. I just have to say when does it stop when is this monkey in the Oval Office going to do something

للكبار فقط:

Iron Cock award is given to a security officer

The Illinois State Police reported that approximately 0756 Hours they received a call from a frantic female stating she was rear ended by a gray Charger. The state police stated approximately 15 feet North of the 95th street exit on South bound 294 a crown vic being driven by a security guard stopped the vehicle and took the male into detention until they arrived. The state police stated that they are investigating and that criminal charges will be filed pending the out come. But they did say if it wasn't for the good Samaritan they would not have an offender to speak with.

W. O. T. S. M. Wants to give the good sam off duty security officer the Detective Shaved Longcock Iron Cock award for going above and beyond.