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Saturday, April 14, 2012

In Chicago Sports

Cubs Lose to St. Louis 5-1 ouch

Sox beat the Tigers second day in a row 4-1

Judge knows this is political suicide

Judge Steps down from Zimmerman case

SANFORD & Son, Florida — A day after being assigned the George Zimmerman murder case, Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler announced a possible conflict of interest that could force her withdrawal.Her husband is a partner at the law firm of Mark NeJame, who has been hired by CNN to provide analysis for the case, one of the most racially charged in the country.

The judge made the disclosure Friday, saying Zimmerman’s attorney or the special prosecutor might want her to step down.

No one has made that request yet, but Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, said he might do so next week. If he does, she’s almost certain to step aside.

NeJame acknowledged that Zimmerman called his office March 15, saying he needed a lawyer. NeJame declined, he said, largely because he has daughters ages 4 and 6, and several other businesses.

Two weeks later, he signed a contract with CNN, he said. Then, earlier this week, when Zimmerman inquired again through a friend, NeJame said he recommended O’Mara.

The judge’s husband, Jason Recksiedler, is a partner at NeJame’s firm, heading the personal-injury section, NeJame said.

If Jessica Recksiedler steps aside, Zimmerman’s bond hearing, which was scheduled for April 20, likely will be rescheduled.

The defendant is being held without bond in the Seminole County jail, charged with second-degree murder.

He’s the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who killed Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, on Feb. 26 as the high-school junior walked through Zimmerman’s gated community.

Zimmerman told police he fired in self-defense after Trayvon attacked him. He’s expected to defend himself using Florida’s “stand your ground” law, which says a defendant is allowed to use deadly force if he has a reasonable fear of death or great bodily injury.

Recksiedler has had recent experience with that law. Two weeks before Trayvon’s death, she dismissed an aggravated-assault case against a 45-year-old Oviedo man after a “stand your ground” hearing.

Michael David Adkinson shot and wounded his neighbor, Raul Castro Rosa, on May 18. According to court records, after an argument, Rosa banged on Adkinson’s front door and window, went into the garage and banged on the interior door so hard that he left dents.

Adkinson then opened the door after having picked up a small handgun. Rosa saw it, charged him, broke a crutch over his head and tackled him, records say.

The gun then went off and a bullet ricocheted off a wall and hit Rosa in the shoulder, Adkinson told the police.

Robert Buonaro was Adkinson’s lawyer.

“She’s a smart judge,” he said Friday. “I’ve been doing this for 40 years. I was very impressed.”

Recksiedler, 39, has the least criminal-law experience among Seminole County’s felony-trial judges.

She was elected in 2010 and has been on the bench 15 months. Her assignment then and now has been felony cases.

She grew up in Seminole County, the daughter of a school administrator. She graduated from Florida State in 1994 with a degree in accounting and Stetson University College of Law in 1997.

She immediately went to work for the State Attorney’s Office in Orange-Osceola but stayed just nine months.

In private practice, she specialized in civil cases, including insurance defense work, and is a board-certified trial lawyer, meaning she’s an expert at jury trials.

“She’s doing a good job. She’s concise, and she runs a tight ship,” said Senior Judge O.H. Eaton Jr., the retired 25-year veteran whose spot on the bench she now holds. “I am very, very happy that somebody as qualified as she is decided to run for the job.”

Attorneys who appear regularly in her court were reluctant to talk for attribution, but she’s popular with many criminal-defense attorneys.

She currently is assigned one of Seminole’s most sensational first-degree-murder cases, that of Nioshka Bello, a young Casselberry mother charged with strangling her 2-year-old child with her bra in a fit of rage and despair.

Recksiedler recently found Bello mentally competent and ordered her returned to the Seminole County jail from a state mental hospital, where she was sent after a suicide attempt.

In another widely followed case, Recksiedler sentenced Pamela Hardy, an Altamonte Springs mother, to 11 1/2 years in prison for spanking a 9-year-old boy and his 6-year-old sister — children she had recently adopted. The siblings were spanked so hard and so often, they were left bruised and bloody.

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This is when gangs were bad asses now it is just a bunch of wanabe's and pussies

The Animals Rising Sun

Spiderbait Black Betty original version done by Lynard Skynard

Disturbed land of confusion originaly done by Phil Collins
Disturbed Indistructible me

Cypress Hill Insain In the Brian

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If this gets signed in to law Illinois law is nol and voided

National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012” introduced in U.S. Senate
“National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012”  introduced in U.S. Senate
“National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012” introduced in U.S. Senate
Today, March 13, U.S. Senators Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) introduced S. 2188, the “National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2012.” The bill is the Senate companion to H. R. 822,which was approved by the U. S. House last November by a vote of 272-154.
S. 2188, like H.R. 822, would allow any person with a valid state-issued concealed firearm permit to carry a concealed handgun in any other state that issues concealed firearm permits, or that does not prohibit the carrying of concealed firearms for lawful purposes. A state’s laws governing where concealed handguns may be carried would apply within its borders.
Today 49 states either issue carry permits or otherwise authorize law-abiding people to carry firearms outside the home for self-defense. 41 states have fair “shall issue” permit systems that allow any law-abiding person to get a permit.
In contrast to dire predictions from anti-gun groups, Right-to-Carry laws have been enormously successful. Interstate reciprocity will serve as a fundamental protection of the right to self-defense by providing people with the ability to protect themselves not only in their home states, but anywhere they travel where carry concealed carry is legal.
Contrary to the false claims of some, these bills would not create federal gun registration or gun owner licensing, nor would they allow any federal agency to establish a federal standard for a carry permit or impose gun control restrictions of any kind.
These bills would have no effect on permitless carry laws, currently on the books in Arizona, Alaska, Wyoming and Vermont, that allow concealed carry without a permit. In addition, Vermont residents would be able to take advantage of S. 2188 and H.R. 822 by obtaining a permit from one of the many states that offer non-resident permits.
Please contact your U.S. Senators today and urge them to cosponsor S. 2188. You can call your U.S. Senators at 202-224-3121 or send them an email by clicking here.

A win for the NRA

Illinois Supreme Court ruled on Cook County's violation of 2nd Amendment

In a unanimous opinion, the Illinois Supreme Court breathed new life into a challenge to Cook County’s ban on assault weapons today.

The justices said it wants Circuit Court to hear evidence on whether assault weapons get the same Second Amendment protections as handguns. They ruled the lower court's dismissal of the Second Amendment argument was improper.

Cook County banned the sale or possession of assault weapons in 1993. The ordinance included details of what constituted an assault weapon and examples of banned guns, but it was aimed at “high-capacity, rapid-fire” rifles and pistols. The law was expanded in 2006 to ban large ammunition magazines.

The ban was challenged by three Cook County residents who said they had perfectly valid reasons to own the prohibited weapons, from hunting to target shooting to personal protection. They argued that the law was too vague and too broad, with little connection to the goal of increasing public safety.

The Circuit Court ruled the ordinance was constitutional, as did the state appeals court.

Then the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Chicago ordinance that essentially banned handguns. It held that the Second Amendment establishes a fundamental right to possess a handgun for self-defense.

The Illinois appeals court reviewed the case in light of the new federal ruling but still found the Cook County ban was constitutional. But the Illinois Supreme Court says the issue needs a closer look.

The key question is whether high-capacity, fast-firing weapons should be considered ordinary guns that get full Second Amendment protection or treated like machine guns and other special weapons that can be restricted.

In an opinion written by Justice Mary Jane Theis, the high court said it was too early in the case to say conclusively whether assault weapons, as described in the ordinance, should fall within the scope of the Second Amendment. At this point in the case, neither side has been able to argue sufficiently to come down either way in the case, justices said.

A 68 year old Vet Killed in Nov and this has not gottin as big as Zimmerman

68 Year Old Marine who served in Viet Nam


How is it this media curcuis make sure the whole nation herd about Trayvon but a man who served his country is not on the media's nose. A civilian shoots and kills a gang banging thief and he sits in jail, but a team of police officer's who responded to a medical alert violated the 4th amendment and shot and killed a Marine after the Marine had stated leave me alone I am ok I set it off by mistake I was in bed yet the police still refused to listen to the Devil Dog. It is amazing that these officer's where not gunned down. I can see why the state of Indiana passed the law to were you can kill a police officer. below is the law  

SECTION 1. IC 35-41-3-2 IS ANIENDED TO READ AS FOLLOWS [EFFECTNE JULY 1, 2012] Sec. 2. (a) As used in this section, "person" includes a law enforcement officer.
(b) A person is justified in using reasonable force against another person to protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force, including an unlawful search, seizure, or arrest. However, a person:
(l) is justified in using deadly force; and
(2) does not have .a duty to retreat; if the person reasonably believes that that force is necessary to prevent serious bodily injury to the person or a third person or the commission of a forcible felony. No person in this state shall be placed in legal jeopardy of any kind whatsoever for protecting the person or a third person by reasonable means necessary.
Which means if this vet was in Indiana when these cops forced themselves in to his home in violation of the 4th Amendment this Marine could have killed at least 2 or 3 cops before they killed him and it would have been all on tape like his murder was. Indiana passed this law because 13 homes where hit by police in serving a warrant and all 13 times the police had the wrong house so when they were slamming the door the home owner thought he was about to have his or her home invaded grabbed the firearm to protect the family and were gunned down by police. Once police realized they were at the wrong house it is to late they have committed homicide. Yes according to the law it is justified but Indiana had to put a stop some where and give the people a reasonable ground to fight back. When police are wrong they cover it up and that makes the good cops look bad when they are not. Below is a link to a video of the Marine's son speaking to the press

It is a sad day when a vet gets killed in his home

Romney attacks Non Us Citizen President

Romney courts gun owners and pivots to general election

St. Louis, Missouri (CNN) -- In his first major speech to conservatives since his Republican rival Rick Santorum quit the presidential race, Mitt Romney turned his sights on the general election and accused President Barack Obama of waging "an assault on our freedoms."
Romney addressed the Annual Meeting of the National Rifle Association, which drew more than 60,000 gun enthusiasts to St. Louis to inspect the latest in personal weaponry and feast on tough political attacks against the White House.
"This November, we face a defining decision," Romney told a large crowd on the floor inside Edward Jones Dome, the home of the St. Louis Rams.
"I am offering a real choice and a new beginning," he said. "I am running for president because I have the experience and the vision to lead us in a different direction. We know what Barack Obama's vision of America is. We've lived it this last 3½ years. Mine is very different."

Romney advisers billed the NRA address as the first in a series of speeches from the likely Republican nominee designed to shift the discussion away from a divisive primary fight and steer the political discussion toward the general election battle against Obama.
While Second Amendment rights were on the agenda -- Romney praised NRA officials and promised to stand up for the rights of gun owners -- the likely Republican nominee entered the arena with larger ambitions.
One senior Romney aide called Friday's speech "the beginning of crystallizing for voters the choice that they are going to have in the fall" between Romney and "a big-government liberal."
Repeatedly invoking the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, Romney framed the 2012 election as a choice between his vision of limited government and the president's heavy-handed approach toward taxes and regulation.
He also accused Obama of impinging on religious liberty by requiring faith-based employers to provide contraception in their insurance plans.
"We've seen enough of President Obama over the last three years to know that we don't need another four," Romney said. "In a second term, he would be unrestrained by the demands of re-election."
The Obama campaign painted Romney as a hypocrite and highlighted the slow rate of Massachusetts job growth and fee increases under his leadership.
"This is the governing record we have to judge Mitt Romney on and it's one that he can neither rewrite nor erase," said Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith.
Romney advisers are hoping an economy-themed, anti-Obama message will appeal to both the swing voters who will be decisive in November, and a Republican base that has been slow to warm to Romney but remains scornful of the president.
By choosing to focus on a big picture vision of his administration, Romney was able to avoid a deep dive into gun issues, which have provided for some awkward moments during his political career.
During his 1994 Senate race, Romney said: "I don't line up with the NRA."
In his first presidential bid, he falsely claimed that he had been endorsed by the NRA and was later forced to backtrack.
Romney was roundly mocked in that race for claiming to be a lifelong hunter of "small varmints" like rabbits and rodents.
NRA members who watched the speech seemed not to care about Romney's record on guns, nor did they complain that he might not have been their first choice in the Republican race.
Romney checked the most important box: He is not Barack Obama.
"There is no other choice but Romney," said Jim Greger, 74, an Illinois retiree. "I would vote for Donald Duck before I'd vote for Obama."
Lillian Lamonato, 75, a Romney supporter from South Carolina, said winning in November is more important than ideological purity.
"He is conservative enough," she said of Romney. "He had to do what he had to do up there in Massachusetts. Nobody is perfect."
NRA President Wayne LaPierre revved up the crowd before the Romney speech and implored his group's 4 million members to get to work unseating Obama.
"We know if President Obama gets a second term, America as we know it will be on it's way to being lost forever," LaPierre said to lusty applause.
Other big name Republicans addressed the NRA meeting, including Santorum, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who continues to run for the GOP nomination despite long odds.
"This is still a more open nominating process than anyone in the elite media believes," Gingrich argued.

Another Animal dies at the hands of the law

Dolton: Man killed in shootout with police

A man was killed in a shootout with police after they witnessed him shooting another man outside a nightclub in south suburban Dolton, a village spokeswoman said.

About 2:25 a.m., police heard gunfire and saw a man shoot another man several times, said Village Of Dolton spokeswoman TaQuoya Kennedy.

Police approached the gunshot victim and the gunman. The gunman fired shots at the police and ran a half block, Kennedy said. Police returned fire.

The gunman continued to run until he encountered back-up officers and gunfire was exchanged again. The suspect was struck by the gunfire, Kennedy said.

Both the victim and the gunman were taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where the gunman was pronounced dead, Kennedy said.

The victim underwent surgery this morning, but his condition was not available.

Illinois State Police are investigating the shooting. State Police are routinely asked to conduct independent investigations of police-involved shootings by departments throughout the state.

Crook County needs a real Sheriff this one is a joke

Sherrif Tom ( A.K.A. Can not carry a gun cause I can not qualify worth shit so I need Body gaurds to protect me) Dart gather's up a possie just to investigate another cemetary.  Really the Sheriff's Police have nothing to do. Ok I will tell you what you can do cause I am the Sheriff for the time below is an article in which you will read then when your done with that you can go lock up all the fucking gang bangers and give the local boys a hand since all you guys do is sit on them and listen to your pussy boss.

Eleven bodies were buried in a south suburban cemetery today after police learned they had been left unattended in a chapel on the site for up to a week.

Workers with a backhoe carried the bodies in caskets one by one to a burial site on a hill at Homewood Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Thornton as detectives from the Cook County Sheriff's Department looked on.

Dwayne Cook discovered the bodies in the chapel Wednesday while trying to visit the gravesite of a friend, Hershal Jordan, who had an internment ceremony at the cemetery earlier this week. Cook said cemetery employees guided him to where they said Jordan, who was to be buried through a state aid program, was laid to rest in an unmarked grave.

"When I got there, I said 'Something's fishy here,' " Cook said. "I just had a feeling. It didn't seem like a fresh grave." He let himself into the back room of the nearby chapel and found Jordan's casket and those of 10 other people scheduled for the state aid burials still inside.

"He didn't deserve this," Cook said. "All God's children don't deserve to be treated like animals."

Cemetery owner Tom Flynn said the back-up occurred because the cemetery fired its regular backhoe operator on April 6 and subsequently received a large number of indigent burials from Cook County.

Cook County Sheriff's Det. Jason Moran said the department is investigating the situation, as is the state Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which oversees cemeteries.

They are moving on up to the North Side

Evanston Couple Tied Up, Art Stolen



Updated: Friday, 13 Apr 2012, 9:27 PM CDT
Published : Friday, 13 Apr 2012, 8:39 PM CDT
By Darlene Hill, FOX Chicago News
Evanston, Ill. - An Evanston couple is trying to recover after robbers forced their way into their home, tied them up with duct tape, and then stole their art.

evanston-couple-robbed-art-.movThe robbery happened at 8:40 on Friday morning in the 2200 block of Central Avenue. The victims said that the suspects appeared at the door, claiming to have a delivery. Once the husband opened the door, one of the robbers kicked him down.
The suspects knocked the woman to the ground, too, and duct taped their hands. Then they stole four paintings valued at $150,000 to $200,000. While the crooks were inside the home, another man was waiting in a white van in the back alley.
The husband said he thinks the robbers thought they'd hit the jackpot because last year he sold a valuable piece at auction. The opening bid for that painting, which he inherited from his dad in 1972, was $200,000.
The husband said he doesn't care about what was stolen, but he is concerned about his 68-year-old wife, who suffered a mild heart attack after the robbery.
Evanston police hope since the victims live on a busy street, someone saw something that will help the investigation.

Surprise more killings in Chicago


3 Dead, Seven Wounded in Citywide Shootings

Chicago police try predictive analytics to predict future crimes


Updated: Saturday, 14 Apr 2012, 8:29 AM CDT
Published : Saturday, 14 Apr 2012, 8:29 AM CDT
Sun-Times Media Wire
Chicago - Three people are dead and seven others were wounded during shootings throughout the city Friday night and early Saturday.
Two men and a woman were shot dead early Saturday throughout the city.
At 1:23 a.m., a 52-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the neck in the 6400 block of South Langley Avenue, police said.
David Loggins, of the 6500 block of South Champlain Avenue, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office.
A man was shot in the chest in the 6600 block of South Racine Avenue at 2:44 a.m., police said.
The 31-year-old man was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he was pronounced dead at 3:43 a.m., according to the medical examiner’s office. The victim’s name is not being released pending family notification.
The victim was an on-duty cabdriver from Lansing, a source said.
At 4:33 a.m., a 21-year-old woman was shot multiple times in the 3900 block of West 19th Street, police said. She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Seven other people were wounded in shootings throughout the city.
Two teenage boys were standing on the corner in the 7700 block of South Carpenter Avenue with a group of other males about 8:54 p.m. when a male shooter approached and opened fire, police said.
A 16-year-old boy was shot in the left cheek and left side of the chest and taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, police said. A 19-year-old man was shot in the left ear and taken to Saint Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center. Both were in good condition.
A 17-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man were walking on the sidewalk in the 7000 block of South Throop Street about 11:25 p.m. when shots were fired, police News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro said.
The boy was shot in the abdomen and taken in critical condition to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County. The man was taken in serious condition to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn with gunshot wounds to the neck and shoulder.
The man, in his 20s, was in the 5100 block of South Ingleside Avenue about 12:45 a.m. when he was shot, police News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro said. He was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center for multiple gunshot wounds, but his condition was not immediately known.
A 20-year-old man was shot in the hand at 3:30 a.m. in the 2300 block of West Grand Avenue, police said, He was taken in “stable” condition to Stroger Hospital.
An unknown assailant in the 2700 block of West Augusta Boulevard shot a 24-year-old man in the upper back at 3:43 a.m., police said. He walked into Norwegian-American Hospital where he was listed in good condition.

Time to end the violence with violence

From The Sarge's heart

I am tired of hearing of this Zimmerman case it is getting old. A man tries to help a lady by trying to recover her purse and a mob of niggers jump on the good sam. how unfair is that Dr. King said judge not by the color of the skin but by the content of the carachtor. Lately the black community is getting tired of these nigger's running the streets shooting,raping,and robbying people. The City of Chicago and its elected officials in the great state of Illinois better start letting the police be cops and stop spending money on bull shit camera's and selling all the city's and state's revenue to other companies outside this state and country. If these fucks were smart they would pass concealed carry to generate new revenue, get back all the contracted revenue back and give small buisness a tax break and tell corperate America if you do not manufacture in Illinois or the U.S. or manufacture your product here in the U.S. and employ American's than no tax breaks for you. I am telling you I see it in the street and from talking to people the cops are going to have more to worry about if our government don't get on it. As to all you nigger's commiting crime you better hope the law catches you because if your community catches you " GRAB SOME ROPE WERE HAVEING OUR SELFS A HANGING " Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Or I can quote Tobby Kieth "

Grandpappy told my pappy
Back in my day, son
A man had to answer
For the wicked thing he done
Take all the rope in Texas
Find a tall oak tree
Round up all of them bad boys
And hang 'em high in the street
For all the people to seeAnd justice is the one thing
You should always find
You gotta saddle up your boys
You gotta draw a hard line
When the gun smoke settles
We'll sing a victory tune
And we'll all meet back
At the local saloon

We'll raises up our glasses
Against evil forces
Singing, "Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses!"

We got too many gangsters
Doing dirty deeds
Too much corruption
And crime in the streets
It's time the long arm of the law
Put a few more in the ground

So to all you law breaking animal's out there your time is comming your time to die is on the way we the lawabiding america are going to hunt you down and kill you and send you home in a pine box. Trayvon was a worthless piece of shit animal and was killed like one. George Zimmerman is going to get off and watch out cause there going to give him back his gun and when they do you animal's better run because when you back a good person in to a corner and leave him with no choice then your going to die because he is going home not you.

With that said I want to thank the United States Military, local,state,and federal lawmen, and firemen  for laying it on the line.

I also want to thank my readers. Please feel free and leave comments on any thing you see.