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Sunday, April 29, 2012

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Bears to face Denver Aug 9
Even Rodreguiez a tightend full back from Temple, Isac Fray and Greg Mc Coy for Special Teams,
Kevin Hadden, and   Johnathan Wilhike are all signed with the Bears according to ESPN

Alshon Jeffery Wide Reciever, Brian Harden Safety,


 BULLS WIN first Playoff game and Derrick Rose is out with a ACL problem

National League
Washington147.667-8-26-57457+17Lost 36-449.8
Atlanta138.61916-27-610983+26Lost 17-355.3
NY Mets129.57128-54-482102-20Won 15-514.7
Philadelphia1011.47644-46-769690Won 15-553.1
Miami812.4005.56-32-96470-6Won 14-68.8
St. Louis147.667-6-28-511157+54Won 36-485.9
Cincinnati1011.47646-54-68185-4Won 16-427.3
Pittsburgh911.4504.55-44-74659-13Won 16-46.8
Milwaukee912.42956-63-691117-26Lost 34-619.8
Houston813.38164-54-89591+4Lost 14-611.4
Chicago Cubs714.33375-82-67396-23Lost 14-66.9
LA Dodgers156.714-9-26-48773+14Won 26-466.2
San Francisco1110.52445-36-78685+1Won 16-429.8
Colorado1010.5004.56-54-5102104-2Lost 16-417.0
Arizona1011.47656-74-48793-6Lost 13-736.3
San Diego715.3188.55-92-67187-16Lost 14-611.0
American League
Baltimore138.619-7-46-49080+10Won 16-426.2
Tampa Bay138.619-8-15-79894+4Lost 18-258.1
NY Yankees119.5501.55-46-511299+13Lost 16-464.8
Toronto1110.52425-66-49790+7Won 15-527.2
Boston1010.5002.53-57-5115114+1Won 66-438.7
Cleveland109.526-3-77-28691-5Lost 15-525.2
Detroit1110.524-6-75-39298-6Won 13-759.0
Chicago Sox1011.47613-77-481810Lost 54-629.9
Kansas City614.3004.50-106-47995-16Won 33-719.8
Minnesota515.2505.52-83-777116-39Lost 62-83.3
Texas165.762-8-48-111862+56Won 17-397.0
Seattle1111.5005.53-68-59093-3Lost 15-512.4
Oakland1111.5005.56-75-46576-11Lost 16-415.2
LA Angels714.333

Sarge's daily thought: Military

I just wanted to say thank you and I support you.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU for your service

Forest Park Wilebeast rob's whitie of cell phone then returns it for cash but decides to shoot the owner instead

A man trying to get his cell phone back was shot near a Forest Park store today when he refused a demand for money, police said.

Details were preliminary but police said the man who lost his cell phone had called his own number, and the person who answered agreed to meet to return the phone.

About 2:55 p.m. the two men met outside a 7-Eleven store at Roosevelt Road and Des Plaines Avenue in Forest Park, when the man who had the cell phone demanded money for its return, said Forest Park Police Sgt. Tim Adams.

The phone's owner refused, and the man who had the phone shot the owner before running away, Adams said. He was still being sought this afternoon.

The phone owner was taken to Loyola University Hospital in unknown condition.