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Monday, April 6, 2015

Update: cook county pussy

To those who were following the story of a reader who got their ccw denied this is the most recent update for you. Crook County Sheriff Tom the pussy Dart is rejecting ccw permits and grabs at strings to try to justify his objection.  Mr I can't carry a gun because he can't qualify with one stated on the readers ccw by stating that the man threatened him well folks the reader is actually the owner of this blog. Under the 1st amendment  we have the right to say what ever it is we want. Yes we stated it here and on Facebook that if Mr pussy dog saver and cemetery digger put an objection he would lose his house and his assets which is merely a statement. However when a federal lawsuit naming him as a defendant for violating civil rights is a threat and him losing everything is likely. Basically folks we have done just that we have an Indictment with his name and alot of other names on it waiting to be filed however as my lawyer awaits class action status on it we have been informed to do the new policy in place and for every ccw obtained that complainant is removed from the complaint. The complaint if everyone is found guilty will cost the state tax payers 37 million  dollars  resultinging in each plaintiff in a 1.5 million dollar settlement for violating civil rights. But understand this the owner of the blog was denied on March 19th 2015 and pussy Dart objected  May 7th understand  these tree hugging liberals fucked up this gun law 6 ways to Sunday due to the crunch time of a court order it was poorly worded and structured. But Tom I digg up cemeteries and enjoys spending your tax dollars enjoys objecting. Understand this if you really look at the 2nd Amendment any law issuing a permit or restrictions were you can carry is a violation of your civil rights. Where in the 2nd amendment does it say a state shall regulate how or   how you should carry or transport your firearm. Laws just reguregulate and control the guns. This to is a violation of constitutional law. Since ccw went in to play I have been stopped 7 times while carrying my firearm and I have explained to the officer if they arrest they will lose the court hearing because the constitution  is my permit.

Below you'll see photographs

Pic 1 is what it says
Pic 2 is Tom Dart look at where his badge is and look behind it and the other side notice he has no gun on.
Pic 3 shows the owner of this blog at a crime scene assisting as will pic 4 of his squad blocking off the street as him and police secure the scene of a shooting.
Pic 4 shows him walking to his squad. He was grabbing evidence markers to mark she'll casings while c.p.d. spoke with witnesses.
Pic 5 shows him with residents from the community in which he works
Pic 6 & 7 shows him shooting trap
Note he has a firearm on so do you really find him a threat.