I Hunt, but the N.R.A. Isn’t for Me,” by Lily Raff McCaulou (Op-Ed, April 25), is another desperate, but predictable, election-year stunt to try to marginalize National Rifle Association members.
The N.R.A. not only represents four million N.R.A. members, but polls also indicate that tens of millions more support us, and a healthy percentage of the population takes our positions into account before casting a vote.
Whether liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, man or woman, we’ll fight for you because at its core, the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting. It’s about self-defense and freedom.
The claim that the N.R.A. hasn’t done anything for hunters is laughable. The N.R.A. has fought and continues to fight against bans on many commonly owned hunting firearms — likely the same tools the author uses to harvest game today. We have worked to ensure that almost all states have “right to hunt” provisions in their constitutions.
The N.R.A fought for laws that permanently prevent the loss of hunting lands. And Pittman Robertson funds remain dedicated to wildlife conservation thanks to the N.R.A.
We wish the author well in her hunting pursuits, and we’ll continue to protect her right to own and use firearms for whatever purpose she pleases.
Executive Director
N.R.A. Institute for Legislative Action
Fairfax, Va., April 26, 2012