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Friday, September 7, 2012

Sept 11 2001 America Remembers

With Sept 11 around the corner I want to say thank you to every cop, every firefighter, every EMT, every branch of the military. You risk your life so other's may live or have freedom so I ask all my readers to stop by your local police, fire,or military recruter and say thank you if you see them on the street that day offer to buy they coffee, lunch, or make them something and drop it off at the place of work.

Drew Peterson Guilty or not

Well Drew Peterson was arrested on May 7 2009. He was tried and found guilty on Sep 6 2012. Well let me educate everyone see all of you forgot someof the stuff you were taught in school. It is apparent that politicians deffenitly do.
Like always another Illinois Politician violates civil rights.
Illinois politics violate your right to carry a gun, violate your rights under the 14th Amendment when it comes to speed and redlight tickets, and now the idiot pictured to the left violated the 6th Amendment. How you ask well I'll tell you. The 6th Amendment entitles you to a fair a speedy trial which means you can not sit in jail for more than 160 days and on that 160th day the state must do one of two things prosecute you or let you go with double jepordy attached. If your out on bond then they have 120 days to do the same. so the next time you go to traffic court pay attention unless you need legal counsil your in and out the same day speedy trial 6th Amendment Judges in traffic court play with it every day thelawyers also hope you forget that part of the law so you can sit for 3 years before going to trial. Drew Peterson Guilty or not does not matter he was held for more than 160 days and the case should be over turned and double jepordy attached just because Will County failed to prosecute him with in the time frame defined by the Constitution.