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Friday, January 16, 2015

Good eating in the burbs to the city

19 Paul  also a Chicago  Police  code that dispatchers receive when there is no criminal activity no offender or victim. The owner is definitely  a Chicago Police Officer. Who owns the small little  business. When you pull in to the drive way you have a drive up window and you are greated with a warm smile. Then you pull around  the back to a small parking area and around to the other drive up window to receive your order. Now we ordered  button # 10803 Paully's  bbq chicken sandwich.

The sandwich  is on a bakery bun with a chicken breast that is perfectly  dipped in bbq sauce  followed by mayo lettuce and a tomato.  A small fry and Pepsi products.  I give this place 8.5 Sears Towers because you can't get this type of food fast and on the go. If you are a messy eater like we are I suggest not eating this in the squad car or in your own car it can get a little messy because it is bbq. But I would definitely go back.

Below is a picture of how sloppy we eat.

But when your sloppy it is because it is good eating

This place is located  right next to the gas station  11155 S. Vincennes Chicago, Illinois 60643