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Friday, November 2, 2012

Rantoul police violate civil rights and do not up hold laws

This is what our investigator emailed the police and village officials.

Hello Chief:
I received a call to our tip line at 1800 hours about two subjects who slashed tires to a vehicle at 323 N. Sheldon in the town of Rantoul. The incident occurred at about 1720-1730 hours on 31 Oct 12.
Officer Thane Jackson arrived on scene and while on scene herd verbal threats being made to the victim. Now under the 720 ILCS 5 12-2 an assault occurs when another persons commits the act by verbally threatening another. Your officer failed to do his job by making an arrest and charging them with assault. I also under stand that a supervisor was called by the victims oldest son. Sgt. Morgan arrived on scene to try to resolve the issue which to our understanding is not resolved. Both stated to the victim that it is a civil matter. So my questions are as follows.

1. Is it the police department's protocol to take the lazy way out of the job by telling the victim it is a civil matter?
2. Is it customary for the department to always get a callers name even when they want remain anonymous to force a caller to give his or her name or they get hung up on ?
3. Is it customary for your officer's to act in a matter as to be considered unprofessional?
4. Is it customary to ignore the persons with disabilities law when a crime has been committed against a disabled person?
5. Is it customary to ignore charges and not make arrest when the victim is willing to sign complaints?
6. is everything with your department a civil matter because the officer doesn't want to do paper work?
7 Wasn't your department investigated in 2005 by the FBI for violating civil rights?
8. Wasn't the investigation unfounded because your officer's covered up the police brutality by Officer Amy Milk?

9. Why do your residence who cry for help are not getting the service they pay for through tax dollars?
10. Why is it your residence are asked to help your department but when they cry for help your department shows up with the I don't care attitude?

As a Chicago base media blogist I hear for Chicago Police who make arrest on stuff like this.


 The village of Rantoul and it's police department have not commited so here is what we found out.
Fact the Rantoul Police refuse to enforce the child visitation law calling it a civil matter when the ILCS clearly declairs it a criminal act. The Rantoul Police also refuse to arrest anyone for criminal trespass unless they issue a barment or it is village property. They classify it as a civil matter along with assault. This is the only town that you can assault someone and not go to jail it is amazing.

Fact in the summer of 2005 a residence house burned while him and his wife were not at home looking at the time realized their two teenage children may be in the house. He approached Police Officer Amy Milk of the Rantoul Police who first on scene and told her he has reason to believe his kids are in the house. According to the FBI complaint Officer Milk slammed the man to the ground kicked him repeatedly to the point the department had to arrest him and charge him with something. According to the Champaign County Sheriff's intake report the man was denied entry to the jail and was taken to Carle Hospital. According to the FBI report when they investigated the civil rights complaint they found nothing even the camera that was pointed on the complainant was turned off befor Officer Amy Milk started to beat her prisoner. To date according to the residence of the town Officer Amy Milk was fired from Rantoul Police.

Fact on Holloween we recieved a complaint about the conduct of this department and they refused to answer us and our questions. So I suggest that anyone traveling South on I 57 never stop in this town. Do not buy anything from this town Drive right threw it like it is not even on the map. If your from Chicago and you have a crime commited against you better believe your going to jail just turn around and put your hands behind your back and kiss Julia Rietz's ass.