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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Uber update :

We sent the following to Uber's media affairs.

Wondering why Uber is giving a driver the run around regarding a crash on January 1, 2016. Uber has a legal policy in play and doesn't uphold it. We also spoke to other drivers who have informed us they can't talk about settlements because of some confidential agreement.
Are you aware this violates the 1st Amendment as well as the whistle blowers act as well as violates a federal mandate to transparency.

What is Uber gaining by shutting up their drivers. Are you not in enough hot water. If we asked the City of Chicago's mayor where his brother is a financial backer of Uber with all the scrutiny going on I am sure he would love for us to investigate weather or not he to is getting kick backs.

Your no guns policy in these cars that Uber doesn't own violates the 2nd Amendment and the NRA is looking in to the company as it can't do that. If you don't believe me see Holt V. Wal-Mart Supreme Court ruled 4-1 that employees have the right to protect them selves as much as the customer.

So we are asking why is Uber not being responsible to pay for damages caused by the passenger?

Why is Uber making drivers sign confidentially agreements before checks are issued?

Why is Uber violating constitutional rights?

Is Uber giving kick backs to Rahm Emanuel and his brother?

Is Uber aware that Seattle formed a union and other drivers may follow too?

Does Uber know that 60% of its passengers have attacked their drivers and caused damage and Uber has not settled or has and now those drivers can't talk to us?

Did you know that when one of your drivers vehicles was damaged that another driver was attacked and needed medical attention?

Did Uber know that 20% of their passengers hail an Uber for a boyfriend or relative?

Did Uber know that 5% of your passengers hail an Uber with a small child and get in without a child safety seat which the driver and passenger both violate state seat belt laws?

Before contacting you we hailed an Uber and went on a ride with him today 1-13-16. 2 of his fares was for a female and a male got in to the car. We also noticed that your maps application puts drop offs and pick ups in the alley. We also witnessed the driver inform athe passengers who were not the person say they were and since your drivers aren't police they can not legally ask for ID.

We also went on a lyft with a driver and I must say the driver sees the person's face along with contact information once hailed. We didn't see that with Uber.

Your driver refused the passenger and even called police. It took Chicago police 45 minutes to respond and the guy left on his own as we watched him get in to another Uber who took him.

So why is Uber not enforcing the policy with it's passengers?