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Monday, September 22, 2014

Obama is Forcing the Military to Cover Up Berdahl’s Treason Against Amer

After three and a half months of waiting, Americans still have not received any answers from the Pentagon about whether or not Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl actually abandoned his post and aided the Taliban against Americans, and it looks like Obama is doing everything in his power to once again bury the truth about it, only this time he’s abusing the military to carry out his plan.

Many Americans feel that Bergdahl should be put through a court martial for leaving his post and potentially helping terrorists kill American soldiers, but high ranking Army officials say this will not happen, because, despite the massive evidence that points to Bergdahl being a traitor, taking this course of action will make Obama “look bad.”
To go along with this, the investigation into Bergdahl’s disappearance has been delayed, with no deadline attached, meaning this investigation could go well past the November elections, helping Obama and other Democrats minimize the damage and possibly help stop Republicans from taking the Senate.

According to the New York Post, the delay is due to Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl’s, failure to turn in findings from the investigation last month. Dahl’s made a request for an extension, which is now currently without a time limit.

This is outrageous. Once again, just like with Benghazi, the president is trying to cover up the truth in order to put himself and the Democratic Party in a more favorable position come election time.

Much of the evidence that’s been uncovered so far proves that Bergdahl was a traitor who helped the Taliban kill Americans, and what’s worse is the president broke the law to help get him back, freeing dangerous high level terrorists to go back out on the battlefield.

What’s even more sick is that president is using the Army, which he has abused and disrespected on many accounts, to do his dirty work and cover up the fact that he broke the law to bring home a traitor.

There’s no doubt that seeing Obama cave to terrorist demands emboldened ISIS, which is now attempting to use kidnapped American hostages for ransom and other purposes.

Click here to see former judge talk about possible jail time for illegal trade.

President Obama has placed the nation in danger and needs to be held accountable for his actions, along with Bowe Bergdahl.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Deering District Chicago Police: Officer saves life

A Chicago police officer is credited with saving the life of a newborn baby.

Police said the officer heard a dispatcher asking if anyone knew how to do CPR on a newborn Friday night.

She rushed to the home in the city's Bridgeport neighborhood, found the baby turning blue and quickly did CPR, officials said.

By the time fire crews arrived, the newborn was breathing on its own.

What's on the Sarge's mind is giving the officer both medals and the honorable iron cock award in honor of Detective Shaved longcock

Friday, September 5, 2014


This is a picture of the bus that blew a stop sign and struck a dog. The driver had enough time to stop and not to hit the dog. The worst thing about it is the owner of the dog did nothing not even try to stop the bus. Both should be charged with cruelty to animals