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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tow truck driver scams driver of a car crash

Police are called to a crash because tow truck company is trying to scam a driver after a car crash in the Grand Crossing police district. have a look at an earlier posting about this scam and what is going on.Click here to read the full story

Tax payers eat the debt caused by Mayor of Chicago 33 billinon in debt now plus some

The audits by the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche provide a treasuretrove of information about city finances and operations.

♦ In 2008 President elcet Obama coast the city 2million for Grant Park, 5 Million is Streets and Sanitation 12 million for security of the extrea police from all over the state to back up Chicago ( not paid)

 ♦ In 2012 Mayor emanual spent 10 million on speed camera's, 33 million on Nato, and 20 million in overtime for police services.

Who has eaten this coast the City of Chicago tax payers whom else. Politicians have been signing checks that they can not cash for the last 13 years it is time they stop
In spite of a spike in homicides and shootings and a troubling return to downtown mob attacks, the number of “physical arrests” by Chicago Police officers declined again — from 167,355 in 2010 to 152,740. That continues a six-year trend that coincides with the hiring slowdown that caused a dramatic decline in the number of police officers. Police made 227,576 arrests in 2006. The number of arrests has been dropping ever since. The Chicago Police Department has long argued that it doesn’t measure the success of crime-fighting strategies simply by the number of arrests.

♦ Chicago’s 159 tax-increment-financing districts had a collective balance of $1.4 billion. Most of that money is uncommitted.
but yet the mayor does this type of stuff which like Daley never saw the money
Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration has made its second reimbursement request for expenses incurred during the NATO summit here in May, including a claim for more than $300,000 for costs to the CTA and more than $900,000 for police agencies.

The total amount billed to the Chicago NATO Host Committee on Friday is more than $3.2 million, which comes on the heels of a request for more than $15 million last month. Sarah Hamilton, a spokeswoman for Emanuel, said the city would continue to submit itemized bills to recoup its costs.

“We will make others and plan to have all reimbursements submitted within the month,” Hamilton said in an email.

Hamilton said the request for the CTA included money for overtime for bus drivers, as well as for maintenance and security. Other bills in the Friday submission were for overtime and travel expenses for police agencies that assisted the Chicago Police Department during the NATO weekend, including the Illinois State Police and police from Philadelphia, Charlotte and Milwaukee.

The CPD overtime bill already submitted by the city was for about $14.6 million, most of which would be covered by the federal government.

City officials have repeatedly stressed that taxpayers would not pay the bill for the summit of world leaders, instead relying on federal funds and donations collected by the host committee, which operated under the umbrella of the World Business Chicago economic development organization.

The host committee has reported it raised about $33 million in private money, and that $19 million would be set aside to cover Chicago’s costs. The committee and WBC have said the surplus will be accounted for once all of the city’s bills are in, and extra funds could go toward an unspecified legacy project.
This is what politicians do they have great ideas to generate money but in order to make it you need to spend it method but then you have dead beats and it is the tax payers who suffer

Sarge's Jepordy: What happened in 48 hours sarge

17 shootings in 48 hours along with 12 assaults and 4 stabbings. It is time everyone stood up to Emanual and demanded more cops. do the math this fuck authorized over time. a rookie cop at 30.00 dollars an hour makes 45 and he or she pulls 4 extrea hours a day to work 12 hours and takes the two days off. Now multiply that by 100 rookies hell a veterian makes on average 40 an hour at time and a half thats 60. it is cheaper to higher more cops then it is to pay over time cause in the long run your going to pay the same amount in benifits and hourly wages then working what you have to death.

to much media attention I think

This fuck shoots up a theater and it gets national news why. We have people dieing in Chicago everyday just listen to a Chicago Police band some time and listen to all the districts and city wides.
There is at least 2 shootings every 20 minutes. noone makes them national media.
Another example is that dirt ball Trayvon noticed his momy shut up and so did dady. You know why cause every cop and every investigator dug up that boys violant history and Zimmerman is a hero for killing that animal. Toxicology on Martin high levels of thc. 911 tape analyzed shows it was Zimmerman's voice. This was a clear cut of self deffence and he should have been cut lose not arrested. Let me ask you something why is it blacks can do what ever they want to a white man and it is not racially charged but if it was white on blackit is a whole diffrent story. I'll tell you I don't care about skin color I hate everyone equally. People make me sick you have no back bone no balls every body sues someone for no reason just to get that pay day. I will tell you what this man pictured above would have done that and I was there this man would have been dead instead of a court room