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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chicago Police are getting fucked over by insurance

Lodge 7 is reporting that the police are not getting the health care that is in their contract. ED Burk is the one who wanted the cops to have farrari type insurance and get the same treatment as Mark Kirk did.
But C.P.D. is getting fucked in the ass lets help these cops get what they deserve. Lets see what the Mayor says

The youngest cop is sworn in by Brighton Police

BRIGHTON, Colo. — A boy with an inoperable brain tumor was sworn in as Brighton's youngest police officer on Thursday.
Jose Rubio-Pavon, 12, always wanted to be a police officer, The Denver Channel reported.
Officers Anna-Marie Cuney, Levy Slagle and Cpl. Monce Portillo swore him in during a ceremony in his hospice room and presented him with a certificate officially recognizing him as a member of the Brighton Police Department, a police uniform shirt and a junior officer badge.
The fifth grader wore a giant smile as he took the oath of office, Brighton Police said.
Donations to help the family with medical bills and living expenses can be made to the Jose Angel Rubio-Pavon Family Fund.

Sarge's Thought after Nato

Ladies and Gentlemen in C.P.D. blue outstanding work outstanding. You stood your ground and instead of the minor injuries and a stabbed officer you guy performed well. I also noticed ISP and security officer next to you in riot gear. I am honored and glad to know everyone is ok. To the officer who punched a protester out after he hurt a LT Oustanding way to go old school when needed.

Ladies and Gentlemen who served Chicago during Nato below are your ribbons wear them with pride.

Train crashes in to SUV

An outbound Metra train collided with a car in the northwest suburbs this morning, delaying commuters for up to an hour, officials said.
Milwaukee District North train 2201, which left from Chicago, struck the car just after 7:30 a.m. at a crossing on Half Day Road, between Metra's Deerfield and Lake Forest stations, according to the transit agency.
It was unclear whether the motorist was injured, but no one on the train was hurt, said Metra spokesman Tom Miller.
Authorities halted the train while clearing and investigating the crash. Trains on the line could be delayed 30 to 60 minutes, Metra officials said.

Protester's hacked city computer got police officer's names and star number's and posted them on twitter

Chicago police are investigating whether its supervisors whose names have appeared in news reports during the NATO summit coverage had been targeted online, a police source said.

The source also said the wife of a high-ranking police supervisor was told by phone Monday that her husband had been shot to death. The caller then threatened the woman's life.

The names of supervisors — including their star numbers — had appeared in tweets during the NATO Summit, which saw Chicago police clash at times with protesters, a police source said.

A criminal investigation was under way, but there was no indication that the department's website had been compromised, the source said.

Federal authorities are already investigating an unrelated report that hackers compromised the city's website over the weekend. A group using the name antis3curityops sent out a message on Twitter at 6:17 a.m. Sunday directing people to "fire" on and

A Twitter user who claims affiliation with Anonymous, an international hacker community, tweeted a message that the site has been hacked or targeted.

WGN informs bloggers the truth about Dart

It was brought to the attention of Detectiveshavedlongcock, therawtruthasanamericanseesit, and the sarge. That Tom Dart did infact send his troops down to protect County Buildings and not to engage protesters unless they attack a building. WHAT! It was also confirmed by WGN, Fox, NBC, and ABC that Tom Dart did not stand with his men like Mc Carthy and ISP Director Grau. Grau went on record stating to one protester that was arrested my state my way you leave or you go to jail. Mc Carthy went on record to the protester who stabbed a cop " Your lucky your not going home in a bag instead your going to jail. Then he turned to protester's and said My City leave your way or mine. Tom Dart called shots from his office I guess that is what you get when you can not carry a gun and have been behind a desk. Tom is still a pussy. Below is what Shaved had to say.


Sheriff Tom Dart hid under a desk as N.A.T.O. protesters attacked Chicago & Chicago area Law Enforcement Officers - Dart refused to allow Cook County Sheriff Officers to aid the Chicago cops as they were being attacked outside City Hall/County Building. TOM DART SHOULD BE FUCKING IMPEACHED!