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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Chicago Idiot thinks Suburban bank is an easy target

Crestwood man charged with robbing Oak Forest bank

Crestwood man charged with robbing Oak Forest bank

A 32-year-old Crestwood man was arrested and charged with robbing an Oak Forest bank, according to FBI officials.

John P. Sikorski was charged with the April 4 robbery of the CNB Bank and Trust, 5459 W. 159th St., according to a press release issued today.

Sikorski is charged with robbing $1,092 from the bank at about 11:46 a.m. on April 4 after presenting a note to a teller in which he demanded cash and indicated that he had a gun, officials said.

The bank teller told investigators that the man walked up and said, "I was wondering if you could help me with this," before Sikorski handed the note over, FBI officials said.

The note indicated the following: "Loose bills only! No dye Packs!! No Alarms!! I have a gun don't make me use it!"

After handing the note over to the teller, Sikorski allegedly pulled out a white plastic shopping bag and placed it on the counter.

After the teller complied, Sikorski took the bag and walked toward a McDonald's restaurant next door, officials said.

A surveillance video recorded the incident, officials said.

A person who happened to be in the parking lot of the McDonald's restaurant spotted the man sitting in a parked pickup truck. The witness then walked into the restaurant and when he walked out the man was still inside the pickup truck then walked out toward the bank.

Sikorski then returned about two to three minutes later, seemingly out of breath and carrying a white bag. After the man returned to the truck, the man jumped in and drove off. The witness managed to get a partial license plate.

After FBI officials put out the video surveillance on, about seven people called FBI officials to identify the robber as Sikorski. Officials said two of the people who called identified themselves as family members of Skorski, another identified themselves as a co-worker of the man.

Sick Fuck Dean should get his ass beat

Stevenson HS board votes to accept dean's resignation

 Stevenson HS board votes to accept dean's resignation

The Stevenson High School board voted tonight to accept the resignation of the dean of students after he was accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a student.

Paul Weil, who had been at the school since 1999 and the dean since 2008, submitted his resignation Wednesday, said school spokesman Jim Conrey.

Conrey called it a "very sad day" for Stevenson, in northwest suburban Lincolnshire. He said Weil had been a valuable member of the staff, but that student well being was the school's top priority.

"He's a good man, and it's an unfortunate way to end, and it should not overshadow all the good," Conrey said.

Lincolnshire police and the Lake County state's attorney's office are also investigating, but authorities have said there is no immediate indication that any crime occurred.

Conrey would not address the content of the alleged texts, other than to call them inappropriate. He said he didn't know how the texts came to the attention of school authorities. He said Weil, who could not immediately be reached for comment, has not been at school since the investigation was launched in recent days.

Stupid Fuck who never drove a car smashes in to store

Woman Crashes Car into West Side Beauty Store with Child Inside

By Craig Wall, FOX Chicago News
Chicago - A car crashed into a west side beauty store Thursday night, injuring a woman inside.
It was just one of those unbelievable moments, surreal, and yet for the woman in the car who caused all this, it was all too real.
“I was trying to turn the car off; I don't know how to drive, first of all, never drove a car in my life , never had a license, “ passenger Tameka Turner said. “I was trying to turn the car off, I must of hit something I had no business hitting, it started going forward, I tried to hit the brake or gas, whichever one, like I said, I don't know how to drive and it just went clean up in the beauty wig supply store.
Jentille Young, the owner of the car, had just run inside CJ Beauty Supply, and left her friend and two year old daughter, inside the car.
“I can't tell you what happened in the car because I was in the store. The car just came crashing in and I hopped over there and was like where my baby at? She was still in the back seat in the seatbelt,” said Young.
Turner says that when she realized how to maneuver the car, it was too late.
“When I finally discovered which pedal was the gas, which paddle was the brakes it was too late, I was already in the building,” said Turner.
Numerous witnesses were outside and watched in disbelief as the chaotic scene unfolded just feet away from them.
Witnesses say the entire experience was unbelievable.
“I couldn’t believe it cause I was just right here about to come to the car, but I was calling her but I couldn't do nothing. I'm fast, but I’m not faster than the car, “witness Tomeka Williams said.

This was supposed to be a birthday shopping stop for Jentille Young's 26th birthday celebration.
“I was getting ready for my birthday, getting some hair,” said Young.
A woman in her 50s who was struck by the car inside is listed in serious to critical condition at Stroger Hospital.

Police say citations are expected.

Quinn Fucks us again and even harder when are we going to say fuck you

Illinois Health Care Providers Outraged by Gov. Quinn's Medicaid Proposal



Chicago - Hospitals that serve the poor are denouncing reductions in Medicaid proposed today by Gov. Quinn. They say some health care providers may shut down.

As Fox Chicago News reported earlier , the governor today called for more than $2 billion in Medicaid cuts. He also asked the General Assembly to add another $1 a pack to the tax on cigarettes.

Republicans in Springfield vow to block the tobacco tax increase. They demand larger spending reductions in a Medicaid program that last year spent $1.9 billion more than it had. The most passionate pushback, though, comes from the other direction -- outraged inner-city health care providers who previously praised the governor.

Dr. Mark Loafman knows better than most the huge gap between Chicago's medical haves and have nots. He teaches at Downtown's prestigious Northwestern University School of Medicine. And he cares for impoverished patients here at Humboldt Park's Norwegian American Hospital, now facing big layoffs.

“It's not fair. It's not fair to the patients, first of all. It's certainly not fair to the staff,” Loafman said. “And to see that happen even more, to see further cuts, widening that gap between the served and the underserved, um, it's really devastating.”

Even more devastating, said Gov. Quinn, would be a financial collapse of Illinois's Medicaid program, that could come as early as 2017. It's why Quinn today proposed cutting payments to providers by 25 percent.

These are difficult things, important things that are necessary to stabilize a system that is out of control, that is way over budget. And we have to bring it back to Earth, “ Quinn said.

For so-called "safety net" hospitals for the poor, like Norwegian American Hospital, Medicaid pays for more than half the patients. The president of Norwegian American says that a 25 percent rate cut would force big layoffs, perhaps closing programs that treat diabetes, drug addiction and some childhood illnesses.

Politicians fuck gun owner's when are the people going to fuck the politicians

2012 Illinois Legislation
Impacting Gun Owners
Current through April 15, 2012
General Assembly returns to session 

These are bills being tracked by the ISRA in Springfield this session, the 97th General Assembly. Remember that the ISRA is the only gun-rights organization based in Illinois with lobbyists in Springfield. Indeed, our lobbyists are there whenever there's action, testifying in committee, meeting with your legislators, and working in partnership with the NRA lobbyist. Lobbyists are expensive, please consider a legislative donation.
Shell bills are introduced without meaningful language, and can be changed later. We have to watch those introduced by the anti-gunners to see if develop into anything threatening. There are also shell bills introduced by those on our side.
We have linked in listings of the addresses & phone numbers for the Springfield and District offices for all Illinois Representatives and Senators

Chicagoans Remember Dick Clark

Updated: Thursday, 19 Apr 2012, 9:28 AM CDT
Published : Wednesday, 18 Apr 2012, 9:11 PM CDT
By Darlene Hill, FOX Chicago News
Chicago - Music icon Dick Clark passed away on Wednesday at the age of 82, and across the country, people are mourning the loss.

In Chicago, musician Joe Cantafio remembered the first time he worked with Clark. Cantafio was 23, and playing guitar at the city's first ever Chicagofest. He said he just couldn't get the "Bandstand Boogie" beat right while Clark was standing in front of him.
Back in the 1970's, Jade 50 would go on to play with Dick Clark and other hall of famers more than a dozen times. Cantafio says Dick Clark was and will always be a class act to him.
From making music to making money, Dick Clark was the honorary chairman for a local charity and over the years has helped them raise nearly $50 million towards finding a cure for Lou Gehrigs disease. When the event celebrated their 25th anniversary and the music industry, the organization sold it's last record and eight track tape at the big summer sale.
Clark was there. Organizers say they've kept in touch with him and his wife, and just a couple of months ago they mailed another check.

Hey Chicago Tear Down those Camera's

Class Action Lawsuit Calls Red Light Cameras Illegal
Updated: Thursday, 19 Apr 2012, 8:57 AM CDT
Published : Thursday, 19 Apr 2012, 7:15 AM CDT
Sun-Times Media Wire
Chicago - A class action lawsuit was filed Wednesday to put the brakes on Chicago’s use of red light cameras, which are described as “illegal” in court papers.
The suit was filed by two motorists ticketed after their vehicles, authorities said, were filmed blowing red lights in Chicago. The suit also opens the doors for other plaintiffs to join the case.
The city never had the authority to use the cameras as a tool of traffic enforcement, the lawsuit contends.
“Chicago has consistently claimed that it had home rule authority to enact its 2003 ordinance establishing a novel ‘Automated Red Light Camera Program,’” the suit states. “However, home rule authority in Illinois has never extended to the power of any municipality, even Chicago, to adopt alternative enforcement mechanisms for traffic violations involving vehicle movement or similar offenses.”
While city officials maintain the state Legislature approved a 2006 red light camera enabling statute — it doesn’t suddenly make the program legal, the plaintiffs say in their suit.
“[E]ven if the enabling law is valid and does now allow municipalities like Chicago to adopt red light camera ordinances as defined, that law cannot be used to breathe life into Chicago’s void 2003 ordinance or validate Chicago’s Red Light Camera Program, which was unauthorized by law at its inception and has remained so at all time up to this date,” the suit states, which leaves a question about why the city didn’t re-enact the red-light camera ordinance once the state legislature gave it the green light.
More than 500,000 red violation notices are issued annually, the suit states, with the fine going from $90 to $100.
Red-light camera tickets generated $48 million in 2009, though it costs the city $18.1 million annually to operate and maintain the system.
The plaintiffs are asking a judge to declare the program illegal and void and therefore to return millions of dollars in fines back to motorists snagged by the red light cameras.
“These fines were collected without legal authority and, under principles of equity, the city has no right to retain them in good conscience.”
An attorney for the plaintiffs declined comment Wednesday. The city Law Department didn’t immediately comment.