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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

CHP chase ends deadly

Police Shoot and kill a women

A woman was killed by Metro police early Wednesday morning at the Manor Suites on Warm Springs and Las Vegas Boulevard shortly after midnight.

Police responded to multiple calls about a woman with a knife in the apartment complex.

When the officers arrived they saw a woman on a second story balcony with a knife in her hand.

According to Metro, the woman was seen slashing the window screen with the knife and did not follow officers commands.

As officers approached the woman, she went inside the apartment through the window, two officers followed her and found the female suspect standing over another woman stabbing her.

One officer discharged a firearm, the suspect was hit several times and then ran into the bathroom where she locked the door.

Once officers gained entry, they took the female suspect into custody.

She was then transported to the hospital where she died.

There were three small children in the apartment along with the woman who was being stabbed.

The victim's injuries were not life-threatening and she was not taken to the hospital.

The children are now in protective custody.

No word on the relation between the female suspect and the victim.

FOX5 will continue to follow this developing story and will update information as it becomes available.