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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Statement from the Sarge

I am the creator of what's on the sarges mind. I feel the pain of the families and parents who lost their children. Although a gun advocate I can say the system worked but the owner failed to place her guns in a better secured location knowing her son had mental health issues. As a parent who has lost a child I cry again every time a child dies it is painful and it reminds me of when my daughter was killed. You will try to forget and move on after that first year but there will always be something that will remind you. The pain will dull over time but the heartache will be with you till it is your time to join them. I do not like Obama and only voted for him once but in this video he reminds us that he to is human and a parent.
Over You by Miranda Lambert writen by Miranda and her husband Blake Shelton
Obama as a parent before he is a president