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Monday, May 21, 2012

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Sox swept Cubs at Wrigley Field 3 down 3 to go

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Protesters clash with police in the South Loop after peaceful march

Protesters clash with police in the South Loop after peaceful march: At the end of Sunday's peaceful march, when NATO protesters were supposed to disburse and refused to do, so the situation went from calm to confrontational.

district 19 under fire by protesters

Protesters rally at the old CHA house were good officer's
District 19 gets protesters

Nato NY and Canada Vs. Chicago

This is what they did in Philly

This what they did in Canada

Wow Nato, a eclips, and a shooting

Boy, 14,  fatally shot, man slain and 12 others wounded across city

Two men were shot and killed this morning on the city's Near West Side, police said.

Killed were Estaban Alvarez, 27, of the 2200 block of South Leavitt Street and Alejandro Munoz, 26, of 2300 block of South Oakley Avenue, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

Both men were wounded as they sat on a set of steps outside of Alvarez's home on South Leavitt in the Heart of Chicago neighborhood at about 12:45 a.m., police said.

Munoz, who was shot in the head, was dead at the scene, while Alvarez, who was shot in the lower abdomen, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, said police and a medical examiner's spokeswoman.
Early reports indicated both victims were wounded by two gunmen wearing dark clothing. They fled the scene in an older model white SUV, police said.
No arrests have been made and police didn't give a motive.

At least two dozen people were wounded across the city on a busy NATO summit weekend, including two young boys who were killed in separate shootings

Sarge's thought : Yesterdays Protest

My route to and from the house has been very intresting a route I normally never take unless LSD is closed. But as I drove home after my watch was over and dealing with idiots, I ended up in the 2400 block of S. Michigan. As we waited calmly in our cars for the police escorted protest to go by a large group of protesters with sticks, and flag poles came rushing behind the others which caused people to leave their car in fear. I got on citywide1 and blurted **57 emergency C.P.D. arrived fairly quickly and we corraled the Black Bloc in to a corner so people can get to their cars and get out. Approx. 3 minutes went by when the riot team from C.P.D. arrived releiving the uniformed officer's with in another 5 minutes as I walked back to my car Sup. Gary Mc Carthy shook my hand and said nice job Sarge as ISP riot officer's moved in. This is what it looked like
2400 S. Michigan at 1530 hours
2300 Block S. Michigan people returning to their cars on the 2400 block
the first person to be arrested at the 2200 Block curtousy of Fox News
curtousy of Fox News this was at 1830 hours exactly two hours after I left the area
And this why you out of state protester's don't fuck around in Chicago cause we will kick your ass back to what ever shit hole you came from

Thanks detective for the laugh