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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Good eating in the burbs to the city

Firehouse  Hot dogs is located at 3825 147th Street, Midlothian, IL 60445.
This is a childhood favorite.  Window seating and two picnic tables outside.
Food is fast and fantastic. They also serve rainbow cones. The Sarge said he was going here personally because he wanted a blast from the past.

"As a 10 year old boy me and my friends would ride our bikes here eat then go play in the prairies at the end of our block and by our school. I ordered a Chicago Hotdog with chili and cheese on it omg good. I  enjoy going back every so often and when I reminisce on the old times I can count on my boy hood hang out to be there."

The Sarge rated this himself with 9.75 Sears Towers because he said nothing changed in 27 years not even the food or the customer service and hopes his children will be able to eat here in another 27 years.

Good eating in the burbs to the city

Santiagos in La Grange  has street side no meter parking. There are parking lots in the area within walking distance.
This is a Mexican style restaurant with excellent  food and service. Adequate  seating and a bar with seating. Great family oriented right in downtown LA Grange. Food is great and authentic. Customer service  is outstanding here.
We give it 8.5 Sears Towers. As we haven't had food like this out side the city.

It is located  at 24 Calendar Court, La Grange, IL 60525