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Sunday, October 25, 2015

WLNS-TV News vehicle parks in handicap spot. Driver must be from the Chicago Ghetto cause they can't read either.

The media parked in the handicapped spot as the photograph shows. The driver must have been the Chicago cop that did it too. The sad thing is it was a Halloween event for kids 

Then the media send out this.

FROM THE NEWS DIRECTOR: On Saturday, a member of our staff parked a station car in a handicapped spot. This was a mistake. We apologize with qualification or reservation. We understand that we don't have any special reason to park in handicapped spots. The situation will be addressed with the person involved and it will not happen again. We ask for your forgiveness and we will continue to work to maintain or restore the faith you have in WLNS-TV.
If any of you would like to continue the conversation, you can reach me personally at
Jam Sardar
News Director