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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Good eating from the burbs to the city

Yolk East Lakeview, Chicago
501 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614

I ordered a Build a burger which comes on a Pretzel bun. Your choice of white Turkey, char broil beef patty or a garden burger.

This place serves lunch but many caters to breakfast. They made room to fit a stroller and 6 adults which was cool I talked to the parents who are on Metra and CTA for the air and water show. I thought that was cool how they did that. Any way it is a very tight squeeze at the door way and bathrooms are a squeeze but have Kodiak stations for the little ones. This place seems busy all day long.

The staff is outstanding and very knowledgeable of the menu without looking at it. As to the food I ordered the build a burger with chicken comes with lettuce,  tomatoe, onion and pickle, your sides are fries, onion chips coleslaw and fresh fruit. I also sampled their onion rings they are sweet with a nice crunch think the batter is a beer batter, I also had a sample of the chicken wrap which is fantastic. The hamburger took a while to cook but we'll worth the wait. The fries are good could have used some seasalt but good. I'd come back.
I give this place 4.5 Sears Towers