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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Concealed Carry

A reader of the this blog site informed us that he had spoke to a Illinois State Rep.
" I spoke with a I.S.R. infront of the 4th District Chicago Police Station and asked if he could spare 20 minutes of his time. The rep asked whats on your mind and I told him that under Illinois state law I can not carry my firearm because the law was made to over write the 22nd amendment of the state constitution but that law violates federal law and the last time I checked Federal law over rides state law. The rep. replied with well Mayor Emannual and I stopped him and said Emanual represents the City Of Chicago you represent the state of Illinois. I'll give you a taste of reallity do you see that Chicago cop down there even thou I would go through a door with him and take a bullet for him if I was caught after work with my side arm and was arrested I could legally have everything he owns for violation of my civil rights for violating my 2nd amendment rights. So just think about this if I can suite him what makes you non touchable. Don't think for one minute you can not be touched. Mary Shepard and the NRA are coming after the state but me and many others have notified the FBI of Civil rights violations by state reps., congress and governor. Sir with all do respect you can lose your home, pension, cars, guns, and college fund you have for your kids. I want you tonight to run this past your wife and kids and ask them what I told you I can almost garuntee that they will say vote yes for concealed carry that this man that you spoke with is right you represent the state and should not be listening to the mayor all he does is look out for the best intrest of the city. I also told him you took an oath to deffend and protect the constitution from both foriegn and domestic enemies it does not say you can pick and choose what amment you are for and which one you aren't you have to deffend the whole thing or get out of office. I told him that the constitution was writen so the people can control the government not the government controling the people. Now go back to Springfield and tell the idot you want concealed carry and if he vetos it you will have it over turned by a majority of the congress." This guy seemed so excited to speak to a state rep. out on the street.