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Monday, September 24, 2012

Chicago Mounted Police District are asking for help

$5,000 Reward
for the capture of
the offender's who
assaulted two police
Officer's while in their stable at 71st and Yates
Horse break-in

The Chicago police have offered a reward for any information leading to the arrest, & conviction of the offender's who assaulted two police officer's. Look fuck the reward who ever assaulted these Horses should come forward. Your charges are animal curilty, battery to the police, breaking and entering, criminal damage to municiple property, criminal damage to city property, aggrivated battery to the police and trespassing at the very least. You animal's that did this need to turn your self in cause if the communtiy gets you what evers left will be sent in a box to your mother. So the sarge is asking his readers to please ask if anyone has herd anything about who did this. If you find out anything please let the mounted officer's or Chicago Police District know as this pretains to their 4 legged partner's. This saddens me very much as I am an animal lover