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Friday, May 3, 2013

Smoke and Mirrors in the City of Chicago

Illinois has yet failed to arm it's citizens to be able to protect themselves, however while this is going on Chicago gun crimes rise. McCarthy says it is not because of warm weather. But the weather has been proven to be part of it. McCarthy says in the last 7 months gun crimes are down from last year at this time. But what he has failed to realize is that this time last year temperatures were in the 70- 90 degree marks, while this year we have a few days at 80 and then back to 40 or 50. But it has been proven weather plays a part. But McCarthy says pulling officer's from desk jobs and placing cops already on overtime to more overtime and placing them in high crime areas is proof crime is going down. Wrong this smoke and mirror trick will work for a while but more cops are needed. In the last 10 years Chicago has not done any highering until Daley's last year in office. C.P.D. loses 2,000 officer's a year do to retirement, other departments, and termination. If you multiply 2,000 x 5 years that is 10,000 officer's lost with out replacement so figure 10 years that is 20,000 officer's gone. C.P.D. is rushing what they have in qualifying personal through the academy. However the city only get's 2,000 good ones out of 5,000 thousand that apply and out of the 2,000 only 75% make it passed the first 5 years on top of the other officer's leaving. If the city dropped it to where if you can shoot and know the law and constitution come to city hall and get sworn in and then on top of your job you go through the academy full time and the job part time this would flush more cops to the streets. how do you get the right people back ground checks. If they can pass a everything like a candidate with college except new highers would have high school diplomas no GED excepted applicants you'll have good officer's. In this life time you have to go old school highering practices until you get your number's and then you higher every year instead of 4 years.  

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