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Friday, March 29, 2013

New Jersey man buys gun for his son and the next day police at the door

A man bought his son a .22 rifle for his 11th birthday. He then took a picture of his son smiling 
with the rifle, which he posted on Facebook. 
One day while he was running errands he got a call from his wife saying that four police offers were at the door along with Child Services. Apparently, someone had called the Child Abuse hotline and reported this guy because of the picture.  The police asked to enter the house because they wanted to see all of the guns and to make sure they were registered and locked up.

You don’t need to register your guns in New Jersey (it’s voluntary) so they were just making excuses trying to get into the house. His wife also asked the police if they had a warrant and they said no, so she refused to let them in the house and they simply left.
The thing is, if this guy had made the mistake of letting the police in the house, no doubt they would have confiscated as many guns as they could. Even if what they did was illegal, it likely would have taken this guy months of paperwork to get the guns back. 
No matter what, never, ever, ever, let the police into your house when they ask.

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