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Friday, March 29, 2013

Indications that Sandy Hook shooting was a manufactured event (Summary)

As you’re probably aware, I was planning to close the message forum and blog page, but since I’ve had so many positive comments and so many of you find it useful, I’m considering leaving them both alone for now and just taking a break. I’m still not completely certain about what I want to do, but I thought this would be a good time to summarize things.
I’ve been researching this since it happened, 3+ months ago and I (and others) have noted several indications that this was certainly a manufactured event, planned well in advance. I don’t think there’s a “smoking gun” per say, but there is enough evidence out there that shows conclusively that this is what we’re seeing. I must say that things are stranger than I could have ever imagined. There are some truly evil people behind this.
The goals were multifaceted. I believe that many of the people who participated did so with the idea that this is to benefit the greater good … that no one gets hurt, there are no real victims and since it will advance the cause of taking guns away from the public, reform the mental health system and give the illusion of increased security in our schools, it’s all acceptable. That is how they convince people to go along with it.
I see that there’s clearly a healthcare industry faction involved here. I’ve seen an inordinate amount of mental health workers, child psychologists, autism specialists, and pharmaceutical scientists. They will remain profitable if more people, namely children are diagnosed at earlier ages with various disorders that require medications and therapies. In turn, the diagnosed disorders will prevent them from ever being able to own a firearm. I fear for our children that they will be subjected to so much scrutiny at such a young age.
This event also revealed a push toward global religion with all of the representatives from each religious order joining together and participating in this event. That day at the firehouse there were at least 5 different religious leaders allegedly there to counsel the families. I’m seeing a huge Unity Project influence taking place at Newtown High School. Unity Project is associated with the Baha’i religion which is a religion with a globalist vision – one world currency, one world religion, Agenda 21, etc. Newtown high school is having the kids do “poverty simulations” now. It’s very strange and I would never have my kids participating in these kinds of things in school, where they should be learning math, science, and history.
If you look at the Newtown twitter feed, you’ll see all of the Unity Project posts but an interesting observation is that there’s a complete lack of communication from the students. No one comments there. No one comments at the school’s blog page. In fact, no one comments on any local news articles, even about what should be done with the school. Something feels really “off” about that area. It seems deserted.
But back to the religious influence, consider how quickly they assembled the interfaith prayer group when Obama visited Newtown. Do you really think it was a spontaneous move as a response to this horrific tragedy? I believe it was planned in advance.
I also see a lot of focus on first responders, police, firemen, EMS workers, etc. The whole event took place at the firehouse. How many interviews have we seen with these workers? How many tributes? They want towns to fund more workers. They will want police to be stationed at all of the schools. They are already beginning to do this in many locations. They continue to put more and more money toward drills and emergency operation centers. It’s completely out of control.
I also see a focus on teachers. There will be a push to hire more teachers, especially those with special needs backgrounds so they can work with all of the kids who will be diagnosed with a disorder at the age of one or two.
Schools will look even more like prisons than they already do. There will be check-ins to enter just to visit your child. They will decide if you’re allowed to visit or not. Your kids will be watched constantly on video cameras.
All of these things will lead to more control of the American people and more money spent to keep the central bankers happy. So Sandy Hook is huge and that’s why they spent many years putting it all together, lining up all the right people, choosing the best location to make it happen.
Now, to list the evidence that this was a false flag:
The handling of the scene: In a real situation with a shooting and mass casualties, ambulances would have been rushed to the doors of the building, EMT workers would have entered immediately, checked on the status of each victim, placed them on a stretcher and rushed them to a hospital, even if they couldn’t get a pulse. There would have been efforts to save them. There were none. That defies logic.
They would have never allowed bodies to remain in the building overnight. It is unprecedented. No explanation was ever given for this but how can one not conclude that they were hiding the fact that no bodies needed to be transported anywhere because there were none.
The quick conclusion that Adam Lanza was a lone killer: Announcements were made by Vance very early on about the lone gunman. This was before any investigation took place. This also defies logic. How could they possibly have concluded so definitively that one person was responsible for this? That would never happen in a real situation, yet no one questioned it aside from alternative media and bloggers.
Media Fakery: Many of us have made videos showing that they clearly used green screens in much of the footage and I wouldn’t doubt if it was used in ALL of it. They can control the scene that way. The helicopter footage shown from that day – I believe that footage was shot at an earlier time and that it was recorded from a drill.
The famous shots of the kids being evacuated and the teachers running out of the building were also taken at a different time, the same day as the drill mentioned above since the clothing was the same.
cloe poissoncloe poison mcdonnellslatif mcdonnells
don emmert image
clayton mcdonnellsshaffrey video capture
*Update 3/29/13 to include two more photos. So, there were FOUR photographers and a video producer at that spot and they ALL happened to capture the McDonnels moment of grief. My original post on this is here.
Above are the famous shots of the families crying and hugging outside of the firehouse. There are 3 photographers credited with the McDonnell shot. Are we really to believe that all of them captured that at the same time? It’s not logical or possible.
There are lots of examples of media fakery. I won’t go into the victim’s happy looking, smiling families because everyone has seen them. Something is clearly off about their behaviors. No one would behave that way in that situation so this is another big indication that it’s not real.
Families set up memorial donation pages immediately: No one who truly lost a child would even consider setting up a Facebook page on the day of the tragedy but that’s what happened here. The Parker’s friends set up a page before there was even word on the status of everyone in the school. Whomever is behind this was sure to start raking in the cash from the earliest possible moment and it seems that it’s been effective.

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  1. Lets see Coroner intake photos...THERE ARENT ANY. Scam by Odumbo to push a gun grab and he DAMN near did it.