Below is the news article on the CTU and CPS Strike. This is wrong although valid of a strike kids are out of class. They are not learning anything at home this is one of the reasons why there is a high drop out rate. If I was the Governor you would be like the cops and firemen. They can not stike under federal law and your asses should not be allowed to strike while school is in session.
If there are any CPS teacher's out there did you know while your on strike 1/2 of your class rooms are now getting criminal records and learning some of their constitutional rights by use of the court instead of a class. You all should be fired you have failed to meet the demand of the tax payer who pay your salaries. I hope a court ruling forces you back to work. I also hope you violate that order so we can lock you up.
Chicago teachers back on the picket line this morning pleaded with parents for patience, even as Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he has had enough and is going to court to force an end to the strike now in its second week.
"Parents need to understand," David Temkin, a social worker for Chicago Public Schools, said as he stood outside school headquarters. "We want better schools. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can fight."
Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis met for nearly three hours Sunday with the union's House of Delegates to review a tentative contract that had been brokered after months of negotiation. But the delegates decided to extend the strike at least two more days to give them more time to consider the deal. Several said they were dissatisfied with some of the terms.To read more click here