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Monday, September 17, 2012

Chicago homicide hits as the worst city in the world

How many guns does it take to end the killings on Chicago's streets. I will tell you this on Sept 9 2012 ABC News reported that more people died this year allone compaired to the shootings in Kabul, and Iraq combined. This is sad that the state of Illinois and the City of Chicago politicians are gun carrying cowards. They can carry but we the people can not. Something you fucks should learn United we stand divided we fall. We the people are united you the politician will fall. It is time you step down from officer or be forced out with a younger generation. We the people need not to back down from government but they need to bow down and kiss our ass.

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  1. the Socialist Government of Obamaland is doing just what Socialist Governments do, DESTROY.
    All the Liberals who think they will be safe by voting for the Demosocialists will be sadly mistaken. They will be turned on, just as the U.S. and quisling obama were, by the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, after the FUBAR obama Administration with dim-bulb body and brain Hillary helped the muslim brotherhood to take power over the Mubarak Regime.