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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cook County Sheriff Jail Gaurd punches an inmate

Deputy commits battery to an inmate now the question is this is the deputy on duty or off duty. If he is on duty why isn't he in uniform. If you look his shirt is untucked and not buttoned. If this was my officer he would have been sent home with a write up. The second thing is what gives this deputy the right to strike some one. If the Chicago police have to be politically correct then so should the Sheriff's office. In fact he is a over glorified security gaurd he is not even the police or a Sheriff's police he is what the state of Illinois and the police and fire board calls a bonded peace officer so he is not even a cop. again glorified security gaurd. The diffrence between them and private securtiy is nothing under Illinois state law if your job pays you to go to court then you can carry your firearm in as long as you have your credentials however the sherrif's deputies at various locations will give a private security officer a hard time. However under Illinois state law the private security officer has the same rights to carry as the sheriff's prision gaurds.The Sheriff him self has nothing to say about this incident. If this was my officer he would be arrested and charges filed. This just proves that all sheriff's deputy's are arrigant and think their shit don't stink. I was assaulted by an off duty deputy and I did was holding an intelegant conversation with a girl who I did not know was his wife and he grabbed me by the throat and a family member beat his ass. Later I asked if I should put a beef on him I was told by other police officer's he is mad cause he is a prison gaurd who can not hold an intelgent conversation with his women and felt threten by a CHA security officer who was 18. Not all deputy's are like them but these deputy's like the one shown in this video

A 6-foot-5, 325-pound Cook County correctional officer allegedly punched an inmate in the face and then told the inmate that if he didn’t tell others he swung first, the officer would tell superiors that the man tried to escape.

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