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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breaking news Sarge exclusive Wildebeast captured in Kingston shooting

Today 29 Aug 12 at 1700 Hours Chicago Police chased and capture one of many wildbeast for  muder and his friends in to a building.
The alleged offender had killed 2 and wounded 8. To quote X00 kick in that fucking door now and take him outX99 you heard the boss kick it in. X42 get fd on scene we need a ladder offender is on the roof. X99 two at a time go on to the roof we don't need any one hurt. 1 for the mobile with X00 go
X00 I am on the way 10-4
Dispatch do you need cpd1 No Squadwe are good X71 has 6 X 12 has 2 and X33R have 1 show us going to the area.
1 to all units good job very good jab anyone hurt X60 no blue injured only offenders.
X00 outstanding work proud of you keep it  

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