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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Teacher's set date to strike and Governor Quinn does nothing

The teacher's union got what they were seeking for after all the teacher's voted to strike.

There is no need to strike but the union is not informing the teachers that the compromise was met.

Let’s keep our kids in school striking will only hurt their education. We have enough kids dropping out of school cause they cannot learn so let’s keep them in school and teach them cause all a strike does is encourage them not to go to school because teacher's are striking during the year. Politically the state and city are pushing kids to stay in school but how can they if teachers strike every school year. Bottom line is this if you want more money than let’s get the politicians who misappropriate state funded programs finances out of office. It is high time the following people take a walk Mike Madigan and Pat Quinn these people and other politicians should be booted we need to stand together on issues. We the people are the boss of these elected officials. How is it they pass laws and taxes we don’t want but pass over free revenue people do want and not collect revenue from the things that are in place along with raise revenue on things that eventually will kill that revenue from coming in.

Laws that generate revenue but not enforced

Texting and talking on a cell phone while driving law was passed but it is obvious no tickets are being issued.

Speeding through a construction zone oh ya I go through them on 294 and 55 and not one state cop why oh ya according to District Chicago and District 15 they don’t have the resources to place a cop there because Quinn cut back on the cops

Seat belt laws even thou they violate the 1st Amendment rights why aren’t people getting the tickets. Oh maybe that’s because you idiots down in Springfield know it violates religious belief which is protected under the 1st amendment.

Conceal Weapon carry will generate revenue but the state chooses not to utilize this hmmmmmmmmmm

Cigarette tax goes up for what reason just to get people to quit why so your loosing revenue the higher the price gets the less money the state brings in.

Stupid shit politions could do


Under the State constitution article IV section 11 states that their office is a part time position and the salary shall only be paid during their term of office of at the rate of a part time employee. So if I understand this right  why is the Governor entitled to a 6 figures a year he has a law degree and practices law go practice the law at a firm to earn your 6 figures your ass should take a pay cut. Prime example of part time work is one Mayor in Central Illinois his name is Mayor Neil Williams  he works full time as a real estate agent and in a factory and works as the Mayor and under the law of the state he is following it.

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