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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

State prisions and mental health to close

The Tinley Park Mental Health Center on Thursday, June 28, 2012. The state plans to close the Tinley Park Mental Health Center July 2, ending the facility's 54 years of service, displacing its 154 employees and relying on private hospitals and community services to care for those with mental illnesses.So Pat Quinn stated to NBC news on Saturday
 June 30, 2012 and I quote " Illinois Gov. Pat
Quinn signed a $33.7 billion state budget Saturday that blocks the spending of millions of dollars the legislature had allocated for prisons and mental health facilities that he is intent on shutting down to reduce costs. Yes he is shutting down the last two state prisions in Illinois releasing all the inmates back to the street." But if this was true then why on July 3 2012  Pat Quin announced he is closing 2 of the 6 mental health facilities in McHenry County such as Clients of Family Service and Community Mental Health Center in McHenry will lose their services at the end of the month. Why did Pat Quinn close Tinley Park Mental Health facility at the end of the month but yet on the 30th didn't Quinn state he is closing state prisions releasing inmates back in to the street including violant offenders to allocate funds toward mental health and now he he is releasing the mentally ill in to the street. So now this is his plane hmmmmmmmmm. Ok well Illinois state law prevents me from carrying a fire arm to pretect myself and loved ones and in 17 years I put away alot of people in Joliet which were moved to Menard and Jackson so with these prisions closing that means they will be looking for me and if they catch up with my girlfriend they will kill her just to get to me and I can not carry my gun to protect her or me so fuck family opinion fuck state laws Quinn releases these mother fuckers I am carrying so all you anti gun people who enjoy my company and know who writes this blog better get use to me carrying a gun cause it is my right bottom line if my gun is not welcome then I am not welcome it is a package deal just like if someone would say well you can come but not your girl or your kids, I would say fuck you I am not coming either.

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