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Monday, June 18, 2012

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3             0                                                                   0          3

Your South Side CHICAGO WHITE SOX will be hosting the Losing Chicago Cubs who blame every lose on a goat. I think it is because of all the gays on the nort side is why they lose or there supposed good attendence which when I was there the only thing filled was the ivy wall and the bleachers on the buildings cause noone wants to see a loser look 1908 was the last time they won a series. At least the Sox won in 88 years from their last and they are on path to do it again. In fact the Sox current standing has them in 1st place the Cubs are dead last.
Chicago Sox3531.530-16-1819-13312276+36Lost 14-675.0 
Chicago Cubs2244.33316.514-198-25243302-59Lost 23-70.2

Sox are 1.5 games ahead and the Cubs are 16.5 games behind Losers

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