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Monday, June 18, 2012

Monkey used his wildebeast additude this weekend and went Rambo 11 Murders - 44 Shot & Wounded - 3 Stabbed

Monkey went rouge Said the hell with my Ak I can do more damage with my bayanet. Noone can stop me. Hahaha I am going to beat up, rob, rap, kill every fucking thing I see. I'll do it on CTA, the North Side the South Side, hell even the West side. You have a States Attorney who knows this is an act of terrorism and wont do shit. You have the Mayor of Chicago who wont higher more cops and a Sheriff who can not carry a gun. Hahaha it all mine for the taking you know why cause Illinois wont even let you inocent people carry to protect you from me. Hahahaha pussy state I got you noone can get me. I'll be out this weekend killing more defenseless people right now I'm planning my next attack and this time I shall see what weapon to use. I know RPG will work oh but dam it is to big I can not get that on CTA. hmmmmmmmmmm I know granades oh wait nope Metra has metal dectors fuck oh well I'll think of something. Cause I know you wont do anything cause Illinois is were pussies live.

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