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Friday, November 27, 2015

Good eating from the burbs to the city

I was visiting the Pilsen neighborhood while conducting my black Friday shopping. I got hungry and ventured in.
I ordered the sweet and sour chicken with ship fried rice and 2 egg rolls and 2 cans of coke. When it came up I had an extra egg roll. I informed them and I got was oh that's ok that for your long wait.

The food was good and what I ordered came to 20.00 bucks.
1 01. Egg Roll (2) : 1 2.50
2 Can of Soda : 2 2.00
Choice of Soda Can:
3 F. Sweet & Sour Chicken : 1 8.95
Sub Rice:
Jumbo Shrim Fried Rice ($2.00)
SubTotal 13.45
Tax 1.45
Total 18.90

Which was good I give it 4 Seartowers.
The address and phone number is on the picture

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