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Saturday, May 2, 2015

South Chicago Security Patrol should they get respect or not

Security officers in Chicago should be respected.
As some officers make the field a laughing stock others pour heart and soul into what they do.
Now we noticed Guardian Security drives around and follows people's gas. We noticed Securitas watches over the CTA. So what's wrong with security doing the same jobs as police, nothing and I'll explain why.

We noticed Total Security Management, AGB Security Services, and All Points Security Services drive around the commercial district of the neighborhood. The patrol they are doing is called SSA or Special Service Area which is funded by tif funds that is received from tax money to better improve the community's revenue or to keep the same people to come in and shop. Unfortunately you have gangs that keep new revenue from ever coming in. The SSA uses these tif funds to provide security or extra street cleaning. AGB, and All Points Security Services use off duty police officer's while TSM uses off duty mail carriers, college students, off duty police, fireman and emts to name a few. The city ordinance for SSA states that the vehicle must be marked Special Patrol however after speaking with TSM they are using special response because of the types of incidents they are called to. An example is natural disasters, alarm calls, riot control amungst other training.

Now if your let say at White Castle on 103 and Michigan and the special patrol car rolls up and sees what is happening they with engage.

You need medical attention these guys are trained for that too. These guys in the TSM Special Response cars are trained even in anti terrisim and riot control.

Food for thought did you know striking a police officer you can get 1 to 3 years in lock up.
But to strike a security officer you can get 3 to 5 years .

So understand this a job to for them they could be your neighbor, police officer or fireman. So think before you speek. Because as you'll see in the pictures attached to this article special patrol or response is on scene as either a second or third car.

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